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  1. Tranquillo

    Development of map application aiming to succeed UOAM and UOC

    I do not understand the treatment of 3rd party program here, so I'm sorry if it is inappropriate content I succeeded UOAM and UOC where development and publication were stopped, and I am making a map application aiming to exceed these. I am aiming to be approved as an official tool. I think...
  2. Saphireena

    A new project to recreate Ultima Online in a 3D first person view using Wurm Unlimited

    Hail and well met old friends. Although I'm quite sure most of you don't remember me, but I played UO for 13 years back in the day and UO will always have a very special place in my heart. These days I'm playing Wurm Online and Wurm Unlimited, and I decided to set up my own server in Unlimited...
  3. BrianFreud

    NEWS Eodon labels for UOAM

    I've updated to add publish 92. Just add this file to your UOAM directory, and enable it in the maps. Brian EDIT: And thanks to @Kojak, here's an updated map5.mul, so you can actually SEE the new pub 92 area: https://www.dropbox.com/s/pxahljf8hxfz1ic/map5.mul?dl=1 Update, a couple...
  4. MadMartyr

    Ultima Mapper 2.0

    Ultima Mapper is the only approved mapping application for Ultima Online Classic and Enhanced clients that allows users to share the entire experience, rather than just their whereabouts.