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  1. Specialist

    Costume List

    This is a List of the current 45 available costumes 1. Allosaurus 2. Automaton 3. Bloodworm 4. Centaur 5. Crimson Drake 6. Cyclops 7. Dragon Wolf 8. Drake 9. Dream Wraith 10. Ethereal Warrior 11. Exodus Minion 12. Fire Elemental 13. Gazer 14. Giant Pixie 15. Giant Toad 16. Gore Fiend 17...
  2. Roberto

    Dagda and the Great Pumpkin

    It was dark and rainy. It was about noon and as dark as dusk. The occasional stab of bright light as lightning arced across the sky followed by rolling thunder marked the minutes. I paced up and down the great hall. Inaction wasn’t foreign to me. But three days of this weather had me...
  3. MadMartyr

    [Buying] Antique Documents Kit

    From the Halloween Doom Events. Toolkit graphic with the name "Antique Documents Kit".
  4. K

    Where you will be during Halloween night ?

    Greetings every one, Hope your having amazing day ! Halloween is round a corner. To be exact - Few Weeks are left to Enjoy and have Fun but "Where You will be during Halloween Night ?". Purpose of this thread to Suggest and which UO shard "Halloween events" You will participate, maybe there...
  5. Candice Lovelace

    Halloween Question

    Does anyone know when Halloween starts on UO? thanks Haley
  6. Pandora_CoD

    (Player Event) Halloween Masquerade Ball, Oct. 30th @ 8 PM EST

    The Romanus family would like to cordially invite all the citizens of the Kingdom, and neighboring territories, to join us as we celebrate the day of All Hallows' Eve in our great city. As usual, the family will host a grand Masquerade Ball for all participants with many prizes and giveaways...
  7. Zynia

    EM Event On Hallowed Ground

    Britannian's from all over gathered at Lord Blackthorn's Castle early thursday evening. Danica Amandine addressed the group and annouced there had been some evil throughout the lands. She steered us to Britain's graveyard at first.. After the first battle, an altar appeared. When double...