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  1. Dunadan

    Buying Weapons Buying Clean SC -1 splint 20% hit spell 50% no magic arrow bokuto

    Buying Clean SC-1 splint 20% hit spell 50% no magic arrow bokuto
  2. Anna

    [Buying] Power Scrolls

    On Atlantic Shard: Looking to buy the following power scrolls: 120 Peacemaking 120 Musicianship 120 Animal Lore 120 Animal Taming
  3. Jenny Targaryen

    [Buying] Looking for Bulk Mark Scrolls on Atlantic

    I am looking to purchase bulk amounts of Mark Scrolls on Atlantic. If anyone has some to sell, please let me know! Jenny
  4. Tranquillo

    [Buying] [CLOSED] Atlantic Termur House

  5. A

    Buying Fel Tower

    Buying a fel tower.
  6. Tailean

    Selling Jewelry Selling PvP Items

    125 Mil (OBO) 75 Mil (OBO) 175 Mil (OBO) 50 Mil (OBO) 75 Mil (OBO)
  7. Y

    [Buying] Castle on Great Lakes

    I am looking to buy a castle on Great Lakes...
  8. G

    [Discussion] SC Mace Wepons Splinter

    Buying SC Mace/Fighting Splinter Weps War Axe/War Hammer/Maul/Hammer Pick/Mace
  9. P

    [Buying] Looking for any lvl of Taming Primer (Drachenfels)

    Hi there, just came back to Ultima Online and learned about the new way of training beyond 90 Taming (which is my current level). Therefore I am looking to buy a Taming Primer at Drachenfels. Any level will do. Thanks Phyxx
  10. Yegger

    Avid Book Collector buying!

    Hello! The Luna Library is looking for exotic and rare editions of Ultima lore and adventure books to put on display. If you have anything available for purchase OR if you have something that you would like to put on loan to the library, please let me know. The building is just north of Luna...
  11. Yegger

    WTB Castle or Keep

    I am looking to buy a Castle or Keeo in Tram on the Chesapeake shard. Please icq me at 715005330 if you have one available. Thanks!!
  12. Beeble

    [Buying] Rares Including- Pole of Souls and Rendition of tuan and Chests - UPDATED

    Hello All, I am looking to buy some specific items, hopefully some of you out there are open to sell and a good price. PM me or ICQ me at 717744841 - chest of mutated souls - BOUGHT Thanks Pampa - Pole of souls - a life like rendition of tuan filled with part of his soul -Chest Of...
  13. G

    Buying Armor Soles Of Providence and Leurocian`s Mempo Of Fortune

    Hi looking to buy Soles Of Providence and Leurocian`s Mempo Of Fortune ICQ 711973656 Thanks
  14. Beeble

    [Buying] WTB Kotl Power Coils - Any Amount

    Hi , I am searching for KOTL power Coils, Please if you have any, let me know. I would really like to get a hold of a some. Thanks again, Let me know. PM me or ICQ me at 717744841
  15. Beeble

    WTB Rift Pillar and/or A Life-like Rendition Of Tuan Filled With Part Of His Soul

    Hi All I am looking to buy a one of these items, if you have any of the below, and would want to sell, let me know. Hopefully we can make a deal Let me know. PM me or ICQ me at 717744841 Looking for: Sign of the Mad Scientist BOUGHT Pending Transfer A Life-like Rendition Of Tuan Filled...
  16. Beeble

    [Buying] WTB Interesting/Unique Plot On ATL - Closed - place found

    Hi, All will be revealed upon opening of the museum!!! Thanks all. ****closed**** I am Still looking to Find a awesome plot on ATL to create my theme museum. **Somewhere really interesting/unique - Maybe Zento/Royal City or somewhere real different and interesting** Ideally it would be a...
  17. Beeble

    [Buying] KOTL Power Coils

    Hey, Just looking for a bunch of these if any are going spare? Happy to buy them off you. If you have any of them and wanting to sell please PM me or icq 717744841 Cheers friends
  18. Beeble

    [Buying] WTB Certain Lanterns - Closed

    Hi, As title says, looking to buy some of the following -Trapped Soul Lantern. - goblin trap (blue one not purple) - a light to keep the shadows at bay wolfgang ruby twisted by minax to magic in attempt to remake the gem of immortality - Bought - no longer needed The book of Grimms fairy...
  19. Beeble

    [Buying] WTB 18X18 - Closed

    Hi, Looking to buy a 18x18 or close enough to that spot on Atlantic. I was looking for something a little special, or at least with interesting surroundings, water, remote area, malas boarder, something that adds a bunch of character to the plot. I wouldn't want ice island, no middle of swamp...