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[Imbuing] Zolaf's Imbuing Calculator


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I have created an excel-based imbue calculator. In 2010 I decided to provide it to the public. Please send this to your friends. I want anyone who is able to use it, consider it a gift. To keep this thread clean, please remove any comments/questions that have been addressed and put your opinion of the file on the download thread under the correct version.

Calculates imbuing intensities and ingredients for jewelry, armor, weapons, shields.
Calculates reforging intensities for jewelry, armor, weapons, and shields.
Calculates runic kit mods by denoting "Text ##" instead of "##" under crafted column.
Calculates total suit properties (includes a place for non-imbued items/artifacts to be added).
Tabulates necessary imbuing ingredients (assuming 100% success rate).
Tabulates prices based on user-input prices (assuming 100% success rate).

Pre-loaded artifacts for your use.
Drop down menu's for armor type, weapon speed, +skill, etc.
Variable drop down lists to aid in future artifact additions.
Named cells for easier formulas.
Error trapping by highlighting cells in RED.

Download Location:
Tools - Zolafs Imbuing Calculator
I recommend saving this to an "Ultima Online" folder or just the file on your desktop for easy access.

Note that I would prefer you download it at the link provided. If you would prefer to accept the file via icq or email you may contact me at 275-149-026 or [email protected].
If errors are found, please let me know and I will post that it has been updated on this site.
If you would like to donate for my hard work, please send $1 to [email protected] on paypal (Zolaf Faloz). It would be greatly appreciated!

Special thanks goes to stratics.com for allowing the file to be downloadable on the site.
-Zolaf from Catskills
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Version History:
Version 1: 12/5/2010
First version for beta testing.

Version 2: 12/7/2010
a) Added gems to all (Jewelry, Weapons, and Armor) Tabs.
b) Removed "Balanced" and "Velocity" mods from melee weapons.
c) Fixed a few spelling errors.

Version 3: 12/9/2010
a) Added 5 Armor slots to cover and entire imbued suit.
b) Added a Armor Total Tab to show the total mods and ingredients required for a 100% success rate.

Version 4: 12/11/2010
a) Converted the Jewelry Tab into two Tabs: Ring and Bracelet to imbue two jewelry sets on one excel sheet.
b) Changed all mod abbreviations into spelled out words to avoid confusion.

Armor Tab Modifications:
c) Changed the "Armor #" Tabs to read "Helmet", "Gorget", etc to avoid confusion when trying to determine which piece of the suit you were working on.
d) Added a "Crafted" column to destinguish between imbued and non-imbued to aid in determining the intensity rating.
e) Added color tones to the resistances for clarity.

Total Materials Tab Modifications:
f) Added all the major ingredients used and alphabetized them.
g) Added a "Misc" column to include non-imbued items in the total mod calculation.

Version 5: 12/12/2010
a) Added a Version Number to the Instructions Tab for clarity.
b) Resized all the tabs to maintain the same horizontal spacing.
c) Altered some conditional formatting equations so they will correctly transfer when saved as a 1997-2003 file.

Version 6: 1/1/2011
First version widely available. Functions as follows:
a) 1997-2003 OR 2007 versions available
b) Drop down menu's for +skill, weapon speed, and armor type.
c) Calculates intensities of Jewelry, Armor, Weapons, and Shields
d) Totals imbued properties (allows for non-imbued items to be added in)
e) Tabulates necessary imbuing ingredients (assuming 100% success rate)
f) Upon entering an impossible combination (such as adding too many mods or over the maximum intensity) the cells are highlighted in RED.

Modifications from version 5.0:
g) Added a Shield Tab.
h) Corrected the armor major ingredient for resistances from magical Residue to Enchanted Essence.
i) Added a non-imbued tab to total all non-imbued items for clarity rather than a single column on the totals page.
j) Corrected some word spacing issues.
k) Added imbuing major ingredients needed for the Shield Tab to the Totals Tab.

Version 6.1: 1/29/2011
Modifications for the Weapons tab:
a) Corrected an error using Enchanted Essence for all minor slayers (only for Blood and Dragon Slayers)
b) Corrected the Velocity Intensity equation modified to exclude 1-10 imbued values (not allowed in game)
c) Added "Tourmaline" to the Velocity gem ingredients list

Modifications for the Armor Tab:
a) Added maximum resists for different types of gargish armor (instead of just "gargish armor")
b) Added maximum intensity differences between "exceptional" and "non-exceptional"

Version 6.2: 2/6/2011
a) Added required powder of fortification based on the item's durability.
b) Added a "Price" tab to aid in determining the imbued price for both a minimum and maximum.
c) Added a % Profit and gold total (minimum and maximum) to the "Totals" tab.
d) Centered the "crafted" resistances on the armor tabs.
e) Updated the Instructions tab to be more self-explanitory.

Version 6.2.1: 2/6/2011
a) Fixed an glitch when you select "leather" for human leather it gave you gargish resists.

Version 6.3: 2/13/2011
a) Added the update history for versions 1 through 5.
b) Fixed the highlighted color being incorrect for the energy resist on the Gorget Tab.
c) Added a price system to the non-imbued items so you can include them in the base price before profit.
d) Made it so you can adjust how many of each ingredient you have to adjust the base price before profit.
e) Added a "name" row for the imbued non-imbued items for user clarity.
f) Adjusted the note on the Armor Tabs to better reflect what you currently need to enter.
g) Rordered the "min" and "max" columns on the Price Tab to be universal.
h) Added the pof calculation to include the weapon and shield tabs. Also fixed a rounding error that was estimating the required powder of fortification incorrectly.
i) Corrected the note on the weapons tab to say "life/mana leech" rather than "mana/stam" leech.
j) Removed "Use Best Weapon Skill" from all ranged weapons.
k) Added "Ranged (Gargoyle)" and "Melee (Gargoyle)" to the weapons tab and the necessary modifications. This is in its Beta Stage. If you should find an error please let me know. The initial assumption is the maximum intensities are the same as for non-gargoyle weapons. The mods not available have already been removed.
l) "Choose Armor" type will now display as non-gray when a armor type is selected.
m) Modified all tabs to not display ingredients if over the maximum allowed intensity.
n) Added the mysticism skill to group 4 list for jewelry.
o) Renumbered the skill group numbing to match the imbue gump.
p) Added a flat rate profit option on the Totals Tab.

Version 7.0: 4/17/2011
a) Added drop down spells to adjust your total resists. This enables the imbuer / imbuee to imbue a suit of armor to offset these resist differences if used.
b) Added an "Artifact" Tab in order to make entering the Non-Imbue items easier. You can copy and paste the mods from this tab and paste them onto the "Non-Imbued" Tab.
c) Reworded tabs as necessary to make the bottom shorter. This was necssary to see all tabs at once on the same view at the bottom (and it was annoying me…).
d) Fixed an error doubling the Faery Dust amount when needed for a ring.
e) Corrected some misspellings throughout (thanks Kilroy!).
f) Fixed a slight error in the armor resistance intensity calculation.
g) Corrected an error when Velocity of 1-10 is used.
h) Added a method to you show your current total resists on each page. This makes suit building easier. Some of this required reformatting the setup for each page by removing "(Select from List)". This was added to the instructions page to avoid confusion for newer users.
i) Fixed the gem and main ingredient for the dex increase on the ring and brace tabs.
j) Fixed the gem and main ingredient for the intel increase on the ring and brace tabs.
k) Fixed the cold resist for bandana/skullcap to 20 instead of 23.
l) Made it possible to use runic kits by designating "Runic ##" or "R ##".
m) Fixed the Main Ingredient for the "Mage Armor" mod on the armor tabs.
n) Added more hats, gargish necklaces and earrings to armor tab drop down menus.

Version 8.0: 7/22/2012
a) Fixed issue with max Hit/Defense Chance Increase for Ranged weapons to 25. Also fixed ingredient to include Fungi. Adjusted all amounts and prices on affected tabs.
b) Instead of adding more and more artifacts, a "User Favorites" section was created on teh "Artifacts" tab. It was placed at the top, for easy access.
c) Changed the "totals" tab to reflect ("Need"-"Have") rather than doing nothing when you input a value.
d) Changed the armor titles if gargoyle or human is selected from the drop down menu located on th e"How To" Tab. This required adding a few more error catches.
e) Added enhancing armor and shields that occur AFTER imbuing.
f) Added some error trapping on misc. tabs.
g) Added a crafted option to jewelry so it doesnt assume its always imbued.
h) Added a cell on the "Totals" tab to reflect a maximum durability for each piece. Type "0" if you do not want to use Powder of Fortification on your suit.

Version 9.0: 7/10/2013
a) Complete Redesign of Coding and Resources. To be honest I started from scratch.
b) Fixed Totals on "Resists" tab if a runic crafted resist is entered.
c) Added reforging and Magical Loot properties throughout spreadsheet.
d) Fix mana leech intensity to be correct on weapons.
e) Fixed ring and bracelet lower reagent cost and lower mana cost as they were switched.
f) Added Suit Totals to the "Wep" tab.
g) Added a Default to Armor tabs to all be the same type and quality (initially).
h) Added hci to shields.
i) Fixed an issue with gloves not whiting out on the "Non-Imbued" tab.
j) Fixed crafted resists on shield. It wasn't updating resists.
k) Added str, dex, intel to final suit (from character) on Totals Tab.
l) Fixed Resources total for Velocity on Weapons.
m) Updated enhancing resists to reflect the new values.
n) Added a "simplification" option to hide resources & price information for those who wish to only view the stats and imbuing intensities :).
o) Your suggestions!

Version 9.1: Not Released to Public
a) Added lmc bonus for non-med armor (without mage armor mod selected).
b) Corrected stone armor imbued maximum resists.
c) Added amulet (stone) to option for armor list.
d) Added profit (per hour) option on "Totals" tab.
e) Fixed conditional formatting for 6+mods and 500+intensity for reforged (but not imbued) items.
f) Added error trap for maximum hit point increase at 25.
g) Added error trap for maximum strength, dexterity, and intelligence at 150.
h) Fixed pull down menu for earrings not showing Earrings of Protection (Energy).
i) Fixed Non-Imbued List to Show Gargoyle Names.
j) Fixed "Gorget" Tab Name to say "Gargish Earrings".

Version 9.2: 7/6/2021
a) Fixed "Artifact" tab setup for easier artifact additions.
b) Fixed "Non-Imbued" tab for easier artifact additions with variable dropdown lists.
c) Add a lot of new artifacts
d) Simplified artifact addition method (create new cells within named range).
e) Added race bonuses to totals tab.
f) Added town buff mods to totals tab.
g) Added conditional formatting to error trap having a quiver and cloak selected at the same time.
h) Added fey slayer to weapons tab.
i) Added fey wings ingredient.
j) Fixed error with error trapping on armor tabs.
k) Added enhance tool usage for weapon slot on totals tab.
l) Added whetstone to price, wep, and totals tabs. Added error trap for DI when whetstone used.
m) Added tiger pelt armor, dragon turtle armor, krampus minion hat, assassin's cowl, and mage's hood to armor tabs.
n) Added base weapon speed calculator to weapon tab (no longer have to look it up on uoguide.com or stratics!).
o) Modified balanced intensity difference between two-handed ranged (150) and two-handed melee (150) on wep tab.
p) Added error trap for an exceptional weapon, without whetstone and without DI, on wep tab.
q) Added error trap for velocity on gargoyle weapons on wep tab.
r) Updated maximum intensity for ranged/melee weapons for non-exceptional/exceptional on wep tab.
s) Added mastery bonsues (Warrior's Gifts & Intuition only) on Totals tab.
t) Added passive LMC to artifacts when selected (cells are there, no values entered yet, need input from you!)

a) % Success Chance Increase to modify Ingredient Usage (Hardcoded into 9.0 but not functional yet)
b) Your suggestions!
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Photos (Version 9.2 Displayed):
This gives you an idea of what the tool looks like prior to download. I have provided a "simplification" option to hide the ingredients and prices if you so desire.


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At long last, version 9.2 is now available for download. Please see the patch notes for all the updates and changes! I did not release 9.1 to the public, so be sure to look back two versions ;).