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(Player Event) You are invited to 【The Ol' Hag's Costume Party!】


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老巫婆萬聖節化裝舞會 - (巧克力2011年萬聖節活動)
The Ol' Hag's Costume Party - (The Chocolits 2011 Halloween Event)

僅於2011年10月29日(六) 晚上8:00pm (台灣時間)
Time: 8:00pm (Taiwan Time), 29th Oct 2011.

位於新月城東南角落 (老巫婆民宿館)
At The Ol' Hag's Inn in South-East Luna.

活動內容: Event:

● 當天主要活動是【講鬼故事比賽】
The main event is a【Ghost Story Telling Contest】

● 想參加本活動的玩家們必須預先報名,就是把你的鬼故事事先寫入一本書裡再丟本屋的信箱內在右邊前樓梯邊。
Participants are required to signup first by writing their stories in a book and then dropping it into the mail box set at the inn on the right front stairs.

● 活動開始會從信箱內點出參賽者名字上台親自對觀眾講你的鬼故事。
When the event starts, participant's names will be picked from the mailbox and they will tell their stories to the audience.

● 參賽者會有三分鐘時間把故事講完。
Every participants have 3 minutes to tell their tales.

You do not necessary have to have a ghost story to tell but u can also tell tales or jokes that are UO related.

● 評審就是觀眾及在場每一個人。每個參賽者會各設一個投票箱。
The audience is your judge. There will be ballot boxes for every participants to be voted on.

● 玩家們當天必須扮成非人類,精靈,及翼魔來到場!(可以帶面具,沒面具也可以用魔法變成任何動物的)
Every player MUST attend as any other creature or monsters other than a Human Being, Elf or Gargoyle. (You can wear costume masks or Polymorph)


● 只要有投書到信箱內及上台講故事報名者都有福袋!
There is a gift for every participants that tells their tales.

● 最高票數的前三位參賽者會有特別獎。
There will be a special prize for top 3 votes.

特別來賓:Special Guests:

- EM Takako?

- Mesanna?

(以上兩位有發出邀請函就看會不會出現嚕 XD)Unconfirmed at the moment.

特別感謝活動獎品贊助:Special thanks to sponsors: