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YGV Auction List For Thursday 1/10



Hail to All,
YGV is back and running this upcomeing week . We have a great item list for you along with some great prizes for you to win. So come join the fun with us Thursday 1/10 at 7pm Cst . There will be gates from Brit & Luna leading to the auction house.We Hope to see you all there

1. (3) Pieces of AoS Clothing . Robe (Williamll), Cloak ( Belimar), Boots (Bilyue Bettis). No Min

2. Jewelry Set of 10k Daimond , Ring, Bracelet, Necklace, & Earrings. No Min

3. (7) Pieces Of Sring Deco Items. No Min

4. Member Of The Royal Britannian Guard Sash , Red. No Min

5. Tokuno Dye , Dryad Green 50 Uses. No Min

6. A White Statue Of Minax. No Min

7. (4) Soulstone Fragment Tokens. No Min

8. Double Slayer Bow, Poison Ele, Earth Ele. No Min

9. (3) Spellbooks,1st Spellbook Magery +12, MR 1, FCR 2. 2ed Spellbook, Magery +10
Repond Slayer. 3ed Spellbook, FCR 1, LRC 12, Arachnid Slayer. Scrappers Compendium
With Eval +11. No Min

10. Mongbat Statue 4th Year Vet Reward. No Min

11. Hooded Shroud Of Shadows. No Min

12. Blue Mug , From The Festival Of Grapes. Very Rare Item . No Min

13. A Flaming Head Deed. No Min

14. (7) 115 PS, Stealth, Chiv, Peace, Stealing, Discor, Vet, Tailoring. No Min

15. Mini House Deed, To a Small Stone Keep . Rare one. No Min

16. Ethereal Swamp Dragon , No Min

17. Tokuno Dye, Luna White, 50 uses. No Min

18. Hooded Robe Of Umbra. No Min

19. (4) Clothing Bless Deeds. No Min

20. (4) Pieces Of Double Exceptional Items. Scissors, Key Ring(With Key On It),
Quarter Staff, Fishing Pole. No Min

21. (4) Dryad Green Lamp Posts. No Min

22. (15) Powders Of Fortifying. No Min

23. Runebook Dye Tub. No Min

24. Advanced Character Token. No Min

25. (6) Whispering Roses, Monty, Engineer Poelzig , Mr.PEWTER , XtremePimp , Apples ,
Magemomma. No Min

26. Smithing Hammers, 60+ Hammer (427 Uses), 30+ Hammer (600 Uses), Gold Runic
Hammer (30 Uses) , Agapite Runic Hammer (25 Uses) , Verite Runic Hammer (10 Uses)
No Min

27. (5) First Year Vet Reward Statues , Deamon , Skel , Liche, Dragon, Gargoyle. No Min

28. Dress Rubble. No Min

29. (6) Deco Items, Tap Sosaria, A Map Of The Known World, Cocoon, Skinned Deer,
Broken Chair, Dawn's Music Box 4 tracks. No Min

30. (30) Of Each Mining Gem , (30) Brilliant Amber, (30) White Pearl. No Min

31. (4) Donuts Old Item. No Min