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Rares Fest Yamato West Wing Silent Auction House Open for Bidding!

Captn Norrington

Stratics Forum Moderator
Stratics Veteran
Campaign Supporter
The west silent auction house at the Yamato rares festival is now open for bidding!
Bids end at 10:00 PM Eastern Time (EST) on Sunday, May 2nd with the 10 minute rule.

Auction rules:

Please include your contact information when bidding. (ICQ or Discord, Stratics Name)
If you have any questions, here is my contact information: 
ICQ: 678566021
Discord: Captn_Norrington #1770

Total Sales: 40.882 platinum = 40 platinum and 882 million gold
No Sales: 41/95

First Floor:


#1 A globe from the void - it feels as if eyes are watching you from within SOLD! 1.1 platinum
#2 A symbol of what I tamed on Napa during an EM event No Sale
#3 Formosa's holiday dolphin No Sale
#4 The harpist's music No Sale
#5 Pet parrot (rainbow-colored parrot from an EM event, nicknamed Excalibird) SOLD! 2.9 platinum
#6 Boots with holes in the soles SOLD! 1.4 platinum
#7 Kimono of a man with true spirit of Yamato SOLD! 1 platinum
#8 Goblin invasion 2010 + Redeemable for 1 goblin slayer T-shirt (chief detective Sheffield only) SOLD! 1.6 platinum
#9 A wriggling tree of strife sapling No Sale
#10 Full set of phoenix armor (6 pieces) + a shield with a royal guard crest + red scimitar SOLD! 2.86 platinum
#11 Complete dragon guardian armor set (6 pieces) SOLD! 1.25 platinum
#12 Moonstone crystal (green colored) SOLD! 2 platinum
#13 Headmount of Joermungandr the emerald dragon No Sale
#14 Large vase (server birth) No Sale
#15 Capulet's wedding dress (seer item) No Sale
#16 Playing cards (server birth) No Sale
#17 Valentine's bloodbath SOLD! 2 platinum
#18 Natasha imbedded in crystal No Sale
#19 A well worn doll No Sale
#20 Tibbys noble sacrifice saved this poor pig SOLD! 1 platinum
#21 Underworld piggy SOLD! 1 platinum
#22 Booger brush SOLD! 250m

Second Floor:


#23 Flowers of the promise SOLD! 500m
#24 I won these cards against Mesanna on Formosa! SOLD! 550m
#25 A noxious flame once used in the eradication of a once great kingdom SOLD! 775m
#26 Mary Christmas from Santa (box and poinsettia have the same name) No Sale
#27 Text books on alchemy, transmutation, and the philosopher's stone SOLD! 625m
#28 The eternal flame of Sosaria SOLD! 510m
#29 A time out chair! You've been naughty this year! (Baja 2010) SOLD! 400m
#30 A treasure of rats No Sale
#31 Bloodstone tainted food bin SOLD! 700m
#32 The charred remains of the elusive Romeo Blackaxe SOLD! 1.2 platinum
#33 A fine ebony end-table hewn from the ashen grove old growth in the forest of wind SOLD! 475m
#34 Hand crafted reading chair SOLD! 500m
#35 An intriguing piece of jewellery, obviously crafted from blackrock SOLD! 210m
#36 A perfect pumpkin from Harvey's collection (Drachenfels 2016) SOLD! 350m
#37 Worshiper of Vereor - pledging mind, body, and soul to his greatness SOLD! 300m
#38 Skull of mordra No Sale
#39 A sickly plant No Sale
#40 Crude corroded manacles SOLD! 130m
#41 Auf ein fass zum 6ten fest! Herzlichst, EM Lyraa von Drachenfels SOLD! 351m
#42 Set of all 4 rare white stuffy animals (mongbat, bear, dragon, horse) SOLD! 500m
#43 Spilled flour (server birth) SOLD! 1 platinum
#44 Statue of an Anskitan warden of Segflamanamo (created by Anskitas mages from meteoric ore) SOLD! 200m

#91 Bowl of crane soup No Sale
#92 The bones of Forskin the assassin No Sale

Third Floor:


#45 The smoldering skull of a daemon general No Sale
#46 The reminiscence of hell No Sale
#47 I stole this dye tub! No Sale
#48 Soothsayers mirror SOLD! 750m
#49 On wings of song No Sale
#50 Iolo music of wonder harp No Sale
#51 A burnt offering to the BBQ boss No Sale
#52 Ancient golden idol worshipped by bandits No Sale
#53 An old necromancer's robe, the hood is ripped off and the runic embroidering is cut short SOLD! 250m
#54 Purestone crystal fragment No Sale
#55 Surging flame SOLD! 500m
#56 King of gladiators No Sale
#57 A red ant mound No Sale
#58 A robe embroidered with an obelisk being shattered No Sale
#59 Rudolphs favorite rock salt SOLD! 250m
#60 The most knowledge person 1st (Arirang) No Sale
#61 A hope chest No Sale
#62 A caged phoenix SOLD! 400m
#63 The war drum of clan hussh No Sale
#64 Evil clown mask hand painted by Mesanna (Napa Valley color) No Sale
#65 An eclipsed wolverine conceived by the sacred bloodline awakening SOLD! 500m
#66 A scrap of memory torn from the mind of Charlotte Amandine showing the murder of her family SOLD! 201m

#93 Set of 6 dolls, including a guildstone for DOLL [DOL] No Sale
#94 Set of 4 Knights of the Crux Ansata sashes with Queen Arya's name on them (Corporal, Sergeant, Master Sergeant, Knight Lieutenant) SOLD! 600m
#95 Fuddy Wuddy's priceless spirit No Sale

Fourth Floor:


#67 Memorial statue of the fallen Britannians and pagans No Sale
#68 Neikea of the dark unknown SOLD! 300m
#69 The void's heritage SOLD! 750m
#70 Silver etched pirate cutlass No Sale
#71 Broadsword bearing the mark of the hellhound clan on the pommel SOLD! 500m
#72 Eight piece rubble blood puddle SOLD! 1.5 platinum
#73 Four piece rubble boat set SOLD! 825m
#74 Roll of arms for the lost kings of Akalabeth (A who's who list of people Mondain killed) SOLD! 500m
#75 Dragon's tooth SOLD! 500m
#76 A cutlass with a skull and crossbones engraved on the hilt SOLD! 500m
#77 The nezuko magic projector mirror SOLD! 450m
#78 A golden chip used in the orc casino SOLD! 225m
#79 A tattered banner taken from within the labyrinth which depicts the history of Sosaria SOLD! 1.35 platinum
#80 A carefully sculpted statue of a mythical gryphon hunted to extinction by poachers No Sale
#81 A seedbox recovered from blackrock dump No Sale
#82 A rustic bookcase of ancient Sosarian lore SOLD! 325m
#83 Ancient sarcophagus containing the vile shade essence of Rodrick the chaos knight SOLD! 700m
#84 A beautiful, bright painting which emanates tranquility and peace SOLD! 1 platinum
#85 Chichikka's favorite toy No Sale
#86 Voodoo doll No Sale
#87 A rag doll in the mirror image of a tailor's wife No Sale
#88 Poseable figurine of a traditional Britannian gypsy in festive dress SOLD! 160m
#89 An antique fully poseable action figure of the time lord, sadly the robe has been lost No Sale
#90 A grinch minion here to steal your presents SOLD! 210m

Please check to make sure I am holding this lantern to verify my identity while completing sales with me:


Captn Norrington

Stratics Forum Moderator
Stratics Veteran
Campaign Supporter
The auction ends tonight at 10 PM eastern time! Plus the 10 minute rule.

Gold will be accepted on both Yamato and Atlantic. I'll do my best to get all of the items to their buyers tonight, and will deliver the gold to the sellers whenever is convenient for them throughout the week.

Captn Norrington

Stratics Forum Moderator
Stratics Veteran
Campaign Supporter
All sale prices have been updated in the original post,.

The sales total for this auction was 40 platinum and 882 million gold with 41/95 items not having their reserve prices met.