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Xena has given me thumbs up, and I got the position.......

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As the new moderator of this forum I would like to say that I am happy to be among so many cool people here =). There are a few items that I need to address to all of you, so please bear with me on this one.
1) As the moderator I have to follow the rules and guidelines of Stractics, and I have to make sure that those rules are followed by all the posters on this board.
2) If for any reason you feel that I am being to harsh or strict on any poster, please send me a PM and inform me of this. You may also contact Xena to let her know that I am being unfair, and I will not hold anything against anyone here for doing so.
3) IF a poster on here starts using this board in a manner that is inappropiate with the rules then I will have to step in, and notify the poster that any future objectionable posts could possibly result in a permanent banning of that poster. If we do get poster that is trying to stir some trouble up please do not get into a word war with him/her...I will take care of the problem.
4) If you any ideas, suggestions, or complaints please do not hesitate to let me know.

I am sorry to post all of that, but I had to to notify everyone of the current development to this forum. There's a good group of people posting here, so I do not foresee any major problems. So let's keep posting and have fun on this forum. =)


*The job of a tamer is not a job at all, but a wonderful adventure with rewards and a few dragons to call upon when you need help..which is alot*
Not open for further replies.