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WvW and timezone issues



I was wondering if anyone else thought that it was an issue that what makes a server good vs bad in general is if they have international people playing on their NA server?

Example of what I mean, WvW comes up balanced fight all day and due to hard work server x is up 1000 with +250 at midnight PST. People go to sleep and then in the morning come on and check their server, now server B which has a large international guild is up 30000 points and at +600 a lead which is undefeatable. Even if the actual NA players got it back and won like yesterday at the end of the day they are still down 29000 points and tomorrow morning will be down 59000.

I am not saying if there is a specific fix for this only 2 things #1: Do people think this is "good" and #2: What is your idea of how to fix it?

1: I think this is bad design, it takes the competition out of WvW, If they make server ranking available you will basically have 3 tiers, Tier 1 servers with Euro/Asian people playing on NA worlds regardless of skill or PvPers, Tier 2 Good NA servers without international forces, and tier 3 Bad NA servers. The issue is the absolute BEST NA timezone server that doesn't have an international force has zero chance against a total zerg server that has a strong international presence.

2: There are a couple things I think that could make this a non-issue. First you could not post the server ladder and then people would never know where they were on it and thus if they were winning they would feel good about it. Second you could block international IPs to end this issue. Third you could make WvW reset every 8 hours and after 2 weeks your "total W/L" would determine who won that pairing.

Anyone have other ideas?


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I like your idea of resting 8 hours in WvW. I think that would definetely help.