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Wumbology (US) PvX


Chris Hansen

Hello all!

I am here to say Wumbology is recruiting members for Guild Wars 2. We are a fairly new guild, growing in members and connections. Our current members come from all aspects of games, such as Battlefield 3 to Minecraft and everything in between. We are going to be dabbling in every aspect of Guild Wars 2 and be the very best we can. We will aim to meet all of our members needs and more. We are not a hardcore guild, yet not casual. Of course you can be whatever you want time and commitment wise. We are a family guild, which builds on those principles. Above all we aim to have FUN as well as kicking some A** along the way. So please if you are yearning for a great group of guys and gals to adventure with, please check us out.

Wumbology - Guild website - Home

and if you have any questions or concerns, feel free to ask! :thumbup: