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WRR Brings Deal or No Deal Uo Style to Origin Today (3-29-08)......

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imported_Crystal Rose

Win up to 10 million UO gold!! Plus 5 - 250k door prizes to be given out throughout the game.

Every Saturday, 3pm PST - 6pm EST.

We have enjoyed bringing you this great x-shard event for over a year now. All gold won is awarded on the shard of choice. You can hear it broadcasted throughout its entirety on Whispering Rose Radio .

The studio is located within the walls of Luna on the South wall. Just look for the pink benches on the roof and you are there!!

Check here for more information.

Hope to see you all of your little smiley pixel faces there!!


Vana Mana Rose


This was an incredibly well run event. I was very impressed with the professionalism, and while I had just stopped by for a moment to check it out ended up in the Peanut Gallery and won 750k Thank you so much for an amazing idea.

imported_Crystal Rose

Thank you all for attending..so glad you enjoyed our cross shard event. We truely enjoy putting this weekly event on for the people of Sosaria. Not only does it bring everyone together at one time to play together but it is a chance to visit another shard which I have found out...loads of people have never done. They play a certain shard and never venture out of that realm. Scout around...check out what sits where your house is on your home shard.

We are on the Pacific shard on Saturday the 5th of April. Come join us!!

*wink* Vana Mana Rose