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Wrong Place I'm sure



I really love your topics and really would like to learn how to play this game,if my friend would let me,I;m already learning alot of interesting things about your game and I Thank You all
I love dragons,actually I have some I need some help with, I don't know the first thing about naming them and I have some eggs that need to be hatched,so if ya'l wouldn't mind clicking on my link and helping out I would deeply appreciate it,I hope to join you sometime soon
I c that my dragon eggs aren't here,but they are on my link
Any suggestions for names?
Thank You


Just to be clear: Dungeons and Dragons Online is an online fantasy role-playing game based on the D&D Gaming system by Gary Gygax. In this game, one typically forms adventuring parties who go out on quests for treasure and other rewards, fighting off nasty monsters and risking certain death along the way - and, yes, there may be dragons to deal with. It has nothing to do with the forum-based dragon egg game I see a lot.

To be sure, I'm sure DDO is a lot of fun, particularly if you like to role-play fantasy characters such as elves and dwarves in dangerous scenarios.


Thank You Kath,
How would I go about finding and be able to play this game?