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WoD - The Garrison


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Ayuh, I went there.

I've been working on the Garrison feature over in WoW and I actually kinda like it - not just from a technical perspective, but also as a player.

I'm going to submit a series of guides strictly on the Garrison feature, got the intro post up now (http://stratics.com/wow/garrisons-wow/warlords-home-holidays) for those who need a short intro. There is a whole lot going on with this new feature!

Now, I don't play Horde, so if there are any Horde players who are just starting their Garrison, or well into development, share your thoughts! Or better yet, contribute to Stratics! Get your name in lights!... err... well... on the site. :) Oh, and you also get a pretty, shiney, "Contributor" Ribbon here on the forum. :)

If interested in submitting content, send a PM to me @Kirthag or to our fearless leader, @Ron Bron and we'll talk a wee bit about what being a contributor entails. :)

If you don't wanna do that, well, you can always gab about it here.

A hui hou!