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Winter Holiday Extravaganza Begins


Lore Master
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Stratics Legend
News from Toontown.com:

Our annual Winter Holiday Extravaganza is here -- and Toons sure are having a holly jolly time with all of the excitement! To start, the Toon Council has trimmed the town with festive decorations, so grab some friends and explore each neighborhood to see all of the Toontastic holiday trees and street lamps. They are sure to warm the hearts of Toons all over -- and maybe even a Cog or two. (Well, Toons can always hope, can't they?).

Clarabelle has also expanded her already "a-moo-zing" seasonal Cattlelog offerings with new Estate decorations -- including stacks of presents and cozy candles to help keep your holiday spirit aglow. The holiday shopping season is in full swing, so spread the joy to all of your Toon friends who have been good this year! And sorry, there is no coal for the Cogs -- just pies!

Plus, there is a very special Estate snowman gardening statue for Toons to enjoy, which requires a gardening shovel skill of one point to plant. If you haven't started a garden, now is a great time to get your Gardening Kit from the Cattlelog, plant a flower (Hint: Use a green jellybean.), then wait one day to pick it to earn one shovel skill point -- then you can purchase and plant your snowman. So be sure to get one ... before he melts away!

The fun has just begun and there is more holiday cheer to share -- so keep your Toon eyes peeled for further announcements!