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Win (more!) Prizes on Testbed: Tuesday Aug. 26th 3-5pm PDST

  • Thread starter Dor of Sonoma
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Dor of Sonoma

Yar! Yet another chance at fun and prizes on 1.7 Testbed! Please remember to patch up well in advance (if you haven't already done so)...and to have a great time kicking bug-ass!
Testbed Event Tomorrow, with Prizes! by Rhaegar
1.7 is getting very close to being ready, thanks in no small part to your participation in our previous Testbed events!

We want to make sure everything is working as intended, so tomorrow we’re holding another event to encourage you to log in and test the latest build. We’d love to hear your thoughts on the PvP experience.

As in previous events, we’ll be holding a raffle for those who attend; If you’re online on Testbed between 3pm and 5pm Pacific tomorrow (August 26th), you will automatically be entered. The longer you stay online between those times, the more chance you’ll have of winning, so stick around!

What are the prizes, you ask? Well, since several of you have requested a chance to win them, we’ve decided to offer one of our official Pirates of the Burning Sea maps, created by Johnathan White. We’ll also be giving out three 30-day game time codes to runners up, so you have several chances to win!

We will also be boosting characters up to level 20 and handing out doubloons for you to spend in the freshly stocked Auction Houses.

Thank you all for helping us in our quest to make 1.7 as bug-free as possible!