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Been years since I've been here, and it sucks to be coming for this. Roger Price, AKA Willow, Thor, etc. passed away yesterday of natural causes unknown. He has been a longstanding Napa player, especially enjoying making things for any and all. He was a great friend with a huge heart. RIP Willow.



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Always sucks to see a post like this of someone passing, may he RIP.

I have been trying to remember his other characters names, since I remember 2 Willow's on Napa, one was in VKB the other I can't remember what Guild or characters.
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Otis Firefly

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Willow GM of KoL, also known as thor,rayne firefly,strychnine( not sure if thats the correct spelling), very good friend and will be missed by many!!!


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I will miss him greatly. I have a number of his fishing poles he made me that I still use today

Sinder Shayde

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Condolences to Willow's family (Zora & DJ)

It is with saddened heart I say goodbye to a friend.

I remember when I first started playing UO over 5yrs ago, Willow was one of the first players I met. He was my guild master for a short time when I joined KoL and he has a character (Rayne Firefly) in my current guild. We have shared many laughs and many stories. Willow has spoken often of his love for his wife and how very proud he is of his son.

You will be terrible missed but never forgotten

Your friend's, the Fireflies



Wow.... this is horribly depressing. Just came back to the game after a couple year break and was looking forward to meeting up with him again.