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Why UO SA may not be released for a long long time...


Ah Beng

(the following is a sharing of my opinion on this issue, which I posted in a thread on UO Hall).

Possibly, SA is delayed because they're conflicting whether it's worth the effort to make SA compatible with 2D.

If they don't (which was the original plan - to force everyone onto KR), then SA isnt going to make enough money to be worth launching. Because at least half the UO playerbase are unable to (eg. due to higher PC specifications), or unwilling to, switch to KR.

If they do (make SA compatible with 2D), then it'll be worth launching, in terms of profits. However, making SA (originally designed and coded to be KR only) compatible with 2D is not only incredibly difficult (possibly requiring an overhaul or rewrite of the entire code), but possibly impossible to achieve.

So EA-Mythic is in a quagmire in regards to SA. Which is why they're stalling for time on this. Somehow, it has turned into a lose-lose stalemate in regards to the viability and launching of SA.

Personally, I'd prefer they make SA compatible with 2D, if at all possible. My PC is ancient, no video card and only sufficient to run 2D, and I have neither the means nor the inclination to purchase a new high-end PC anytime soon.


It is quite a quandary. *nods* I do not see the expansion being released any time soon. It is sad that we find ourselves with a dual client again.

Ah Beng


It is sad that we find ourselves with a dual client again.

[/ QUOTE ]

Agreed. I would have preferred, ideally, that they kept the 2D client and improved it's graphics and interface tremendously, while keeping PC requirements low (sounds like a fairytale yeah).

However, now that KR has been officially launched; I see no other future for UO except to keep both clients running indefinitely.

To shut down KR would mean the official demise of UO. After pumping in millions to produce KR, EA-Mythic would certainly shut down UO if KR failed. No doubt about it.

To shut down 2D, no matter how much the current KR client could be improved (the bottleneck or difficulty being the vastly higher PC requirements), would also mean the demise of UO; due to a significant percentage (for most purposes and intents, it will suffice to approximate it as half or 50%) of the playerbase being alienated and forced to quit UO altogether. No doubt about it.

Hence, we are left with the inevitable and invariable conclusion that both clients need to be kept running indefinitely. While this may pose technical and profitability issues and glass-ceilings for UO, but unfortunately, this is the ONLY way UO can continue to survive.

It's as if UO has torn itself apart (analogous to the Tram and Fel splitting which also had a tremendous impact on the playerbase sentiment as well as subscription numbers (short and long term), both positively and negatively), and this time, there's no joining UO back together again (technically and absolutely impossible and unfeasible to combine 2D and KR into a 3rd client).


oh crap, kelmo seems you get around, even here in asia land...


Yeah i've mentioned this a coupla times before on other boards. Just take 3d models, pre-render it, replace the outdated graphics with the shiny new pre-renders.

It'll look even better than every other mmorpg out there because of the pre-rendered graphics.