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Why I think Ultimate RPG will dominate the MMORP market.

Han Telemnar

Richard's creation of Ultima Online was completely unique for its time. UO's success was based on one core factor: the purple llama. :)

All kidding aside here. UO was the first game to allow people from all over the world to act, play, create, and interact with one another in a true open world. It allowed for the player to mold and shape the direction and future of the game. Correct me if I am wrong, but I think Richard created UO because he wanted to see a game that HE would want to play. What I mean is, he created UO based on his love of gaming and the medieval arts, and NOT for the love of profit. This is the key element which large gaming companies fail to instill into their company's core ideals. Profit is a necessity but it should never be the focus. Create a game for the sake of gaming and it will stand the test of time. But, create a game for the sake of profit and you will just have another one-hit-wonder. I know a lot of people would argue. But, mark my words, eventually a game will arise that will shut down the interest in 99% of current MMORPGs. Perhaps Ultimate RPG is that game - only time will tell.

I believe Ultimate RPG has this understanding, and is why I think we will soon see a game which will put all others to shame.

Han Telemnar

I believe, with 100% certainty, all current "successful" MMORPGs are only successful because there isn't any other option out there for us. Just wait till that option arises and you will see gaming executives scramble to FINALLY ******* listen to the gamer!


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I agree that I think URPG will be a very unique and interesting experience.. One I am clearly looking forward to having.

However, always keep expectations tempered. The team at Portalarium is doing things a bit differently than the way a lot of other companies have in the past - There are bound to be ups and downs.

And I will also say, yet again (I think I might have this changed in my TITLE, let alone my sig), that URPG is not a traditional MMO.. Although, from what I have read, Elder Scrolls Online will have some comparable features to what they are planing for URPG.. So it's not a tradtional MMO NOW, but this might be something that bucks the trend and others will follow.

We'll see what we'll see!
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