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[Suggestion] While blacksmithing is on the table....


Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
Please, Please, Please....

Remove all resists, luck, spell channeling, faster casting, and Mage weapon options, from the random runic hammer properties, when crafting weapons.

-Resists are completely unnecessary on weapons.
-Spell Channeling and Mage Weapon are unnecessary due to Chivalry
-Luck is at least somewhat useful, but undesirable on weapons
-Faster casting also has some use, but undesirable on weapons

These properties reduce the effectivness and worth of weapons and seem to be an unnecessary burden on us Smiths.

There is nothing worse than finally crafting a 100% poison weapon only to have 40% Damage Increase, -24 Mage weapon, 6% Energy Resist, and 69 Luck.

Ezekiel Zane

Grand Poobah
Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
I totally agree on resists. Absolutely one of the dumbest properties on a weapon.

I'm torn on the other three. I know if using a aggy, verite or valorite runic, I'd not want those properties.

Using low-end runics they could be desirable for pre-imbuing stock.

My Pali likes Faster Casting on weapons.