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Where are you now?


Rachel Red

I thought it would be nice to find out where everyone has gone. Have you started a new game? Do you have any suggestions for new games? :thumbup1:Are you just sitting at home in front of computer in tears? :( Drinking your sorrows away? :shots: What are you plans? How do you plan to end your time in *Sims Online* :p

I play SL and have been busy helping people get started. I played a bit in Pirates of the Carribean online which is kinda cute. I also have been trying to be here when I can get on. I am working on a park home to take all my pets to. I plan on letting them on loose there before the game ends. lol..


I am still playing my game as if it were not ending.
I tried SL free play and it crashed and burned for me...
Once it comes right down to it, I might get a subscrit and see what it's like fo' real...but, anything is going to be "cra*" at first...

I've tried'em all so far, and all are nothing I wanna play.

I might have to resort to RL:pint:.

But, Imma play like I always have 'til the end.


I have moved over to Entropia and started my new vurtual life. Having a great time, and have many sims friends there as well as new ones.. The game has so much to it, I can see me there still in 10 years without getting bored at all.:thumbup1:


My main new home is on There...

I still go on EAL now and then just to see who is on, but it's too quiet and all the good people I used to hang out with and laughs have gone.



Grand Poobah
Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
Well mostly I've been hanging out on Kaneva, its got its good and bad points. Last night they dragged me to SL and I actually did have a good time. Lets hope the lag reduction tips I got help going forward. I also tried the free stuff in RLC, which contrary to popular belief is "clean fun", well except maybe dancing drunk on the bar. Tried Moove and hated the interface, too hard to get around. Tried a friends login of Twinity, couldnt find people sigh, I'll try it again tho.

I been wanting to try Entropia, so whichever one of you is playing please shoot me a PM with your game info and how I might find you, it looks like a game I'd be needing some noob help on lol. Or add me to YIM so we can discuss it. (tsotemptress)


I am learning how to hack and create new objects for The Sims, and I'm going to get together a website of my own to host all of this, plus all the stories that I have done on Stratics to include "Starrfoxx's Super Road Trip Across Alphaville" and the "Newbie's Guide to Calvin's Creek". I backed all of that up.

Online, I'll be in games such as Guild Wars, Lord of the Rings Online, City of Heroes/Villains, and Star Wars Galaxies. From time to time, I will go back to Everquest 1 and 2.

Offline, I will continue playing Sims and Sims 2, the latter which will include the legacy neighborhood I started last year. I am seriously considering on checking out the game "The Movies" and getting into that, since I went to school for filmmaking. Looks like a great way to get some ideas that were in my head into something tangible.

Wyld Cherry

I'm in SL, been there, making and scripting things. Sorry but EA can learn something from Linden Labs LoL.

Keep your customers UPDATED !... & IN FORMED ! lol

Claudia MacCloud

Im in COH/COV Suprisingly I like the game... Very Addicting like TSO... I spend hrs on end in the game... before i know it, sometimes its 5am and I should of been sleep hrs before.... I have a acct in Kaneva, but either the game doesnt like me or my laptop doesnt like it... I can play for about 5 mins and then my whole system crashes ... So im waiting on my laptop to get out of the shop... Ive tried SL in the past, didnt care for it, but i hear alot of our TSO'ers are there, so maybe ill give that a whirl again ...


I have begun to play 'There' for a while. My name is Mearitha there. I haven't played it much but from what I can see, it's an ok game. I hope to run into many old friends from sims. There is a club there for TSO players.

Carley Jo

I tried playing "There", but my puter kept crashing, so I tried "Moove" and have an Actor there named Carley Jo. It's really slow on my computer, so I hardly play there much. Sure do miss playing my sims, but it's so depressing to go to EA Land and see nobody there anymore, plus all of my Custom Content has vanished, so it really makes me sad! :(

Vanilla Sky

:eek: Find me in World of Warcraft. Send me a PM and I'll tell ya what server and my toon name is.


Not much out there :( The virtual games out there are either adult rated sexual porn wanna be's - or they are fighting, and killing - how depressing ... nothing out there that's like sims online was - and i say WAS because sims online died when ea land was born... and it was good the way it was - bad mistake making all those changes... the only thing I liked what they did, was combine everyone to one place, and custom content. everything else sucked ... So right now I'm just testing out the Beta Twinity.com, and playing Kaneva.com until something better comes along.... ;)


I tried star wars galaxies, it's dead. I've tried world of warcraft, it's EHHHH OKAYYY. But not something I can play forever lol. TSO is only game for me.


I've tried all listed above and got fustrated. Non of them were close to TSO.. which became depressing trying to find a new home. I am hoping that Luc's projects gets going quickly and can get into the beta of that. In the mean time... I moved over to WOW with my kids and BF. Not so bad, as a temp. home.

if your in The Forgotten coast server .. look me up ... keeping the name LadiLuck there too :)


Hubby and I have been playing Travian mostly *, downloaded Entropia but haven't really messed with it a whole lot. More than anything I have really been trying to not reform the internet addiction I had going, and do more things RL. Of course I still have Club Pogo too, but even have slowed down on it some....meh, I guess interests change over time, seems like sometimes I really get a hankering to do one thing or another, and then others I can't force myself to do it. LOL. We're making long-term plans for some different stuff next year that requires a bit of time investment now or a LOT of time investment later, so I've been opting to get it done bit by bit.....less daunting/overwhelming. I'll miss TSO dearly, but it is good to actually have a RANGE of other interests again, ya know? Anybody else feel that way?

*Note: That link is to the US servers, but other countries and languages are supported as well :thumbup:

Vince Burleigh

World of Warcraft.
49 Unholy Paladin.

I've been playing WoW for the past 3 years when I quit TSO.
I still love TSO, I think about it now and then.
The game was a brilliant idea, it's a shame that it had to die like that.
In my opinion, it was all the exploitation going on that ruined the game.

If it returns, I would definetly drop WoW for TSO. It's a really great game where you can be creative. BRING BACK OLD TSO! NOT THAT EA-LAND CRAP!