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(Question) Where are the good vendors?



I'm looking to equip a swords pally and a necro/mage. I want to find slayer swords, decent armour and mage and scrolls or full spell books. I've looked around the moongates and some of the cities but haven't found much for a newb to the shard. Thanks


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im gonna guess that 13 years into the game probably everyone has a mule sitting in their stable that will craft anything that they need.

and with imbuing id imagine that again most everyone probably has one.
with the imbuing of course you can craft any slayer you need.

so probably little to no need to have a vendor up for most of that kinda stuff.

the inscription stuff there isnt much need for again, like with the necro scrolls most people just go do the haven necro quest which gives you a full necro spell book when you do it.

drop me a PM if ya need help with the scrolls, i have a scribe that constantly complains about the lack of work he does compared to my tamer and macer.


i put low-mid stuff on my vendor all the time. it sits there forever. nobody wants it. its mostly very vetran players here with their own mules so nobody wants it. :< we need more new people to the shard!

try to hook up with me, if you hunt for special ingredients, pof, etc i can craft+imbue you stuff. i should be on tonight but not sure how late, shoot me an icq when you get on.