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When will we see an Andriod App?


Stratics Veteran
I'm a fan of this game, and I wish I could play it on the go. Andriod is based on the Linux kernel i saw a forum called "When can we expect Linux support? " Which lead me to think that maybe gorgon could get an Andriod app. There is a big market for Andriod apps and there are very few mmos on the Andriod market. The main reason mmos don't make it on the Andriod market that often is because the game doesn't have enough support staff, or none at all to help players when they get a bug that needs fixing. I think gorgon could do vey well on the Andriod market for a few reasons:

1.It is a great game
2.Problems are addressed when they are sent in(which i love)
3.Users can submit their ideas and maybe get their idea's in the game(which i also love)
4.In that other forum it says there is a "linux version" in the works.
5.The game could be point and click(touch control), and with a virtual joystick for the Andriod version you would be able to move around the game, very similarly to the pc/mac version.
6. The interface is not cluttered on the pc/mac version so i think it would be able to scale nicely to a smaller screen
7. Reaching a broader audience could bring more people into the game, and with an Andriod app you could get more people playing at one time.
8.It's easy to get an app on the Andriod market because there are less hoops to jump through then trying to get in on the ipad(a not so popular thing for gamers is to find out a game is only on one Mobile OS. Andriod users get very ticked when a game is not ported fast enough, or not at all from ipad to Andriod, and vise versa)

thank you for listening. I'm fan of project gorgon.


Project: Gorgon Developer
Stratics Veteran
While I'd love to do an Android port some day, Android devices are just not anywhere near ready. We did some testing earlier, when we had MUCH lower-res graphics, trying to see if we could do a minimalistic presentation that would let the game work on tablets. And... it's not happening. The limitations are just too much for a large-scale MMO right now.

If we focused solely on optimizing for the Android platform, we could probably implement the indoor portions of the game (dungeons), but the outdoor portions aren't going to be possible for several more years.


Stratics Veteran
I'd beg to differ. I think andriod tablets are ready for project gorgon, the full game. I say if you want to play a game you will find a way to play it, even if it means going to to the ends of the universe. An emulator( eclipse enumlated android) doesn't to andriod justice, bluestacks is a much better android emulater. How you do find a computer's limit without pushing It? You can't. I learned something if you have a view that it can't then it won't happen, but if you a view that it can happen, it will. And I'm sticking to the 8 facts I made in my first post.