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When True Night Falls: Malevolence


Babbling Loonie
Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
When True Night Falls: Malevolence
The Freeborn Press

The murder of a married couple three nights ago has the inhabitants of Northern Britain bolting their doors and oiling their weapons. Gustave and Richelle von Mordenheim were discovered by their landlord at nine in the morning ...maimed corpses still warm to the touch. The pair appear to have been mauled to death by one or more large creatures who appear to have gained entrance through the window.

Later that morning remains - hearts and other unidentified entrails - were discovered in the center of a ritual pentagram of sheeps blood in the Masoleum of Britain. It is suspected the remains belong to the aforementioned couple.

While there is no established link between their deaths and the impending Invasion of the Bane Chosen, fearful citizens have begun stocking arms and armor. Weapon sales have increased threefold since the initial rumors of the murder began to spread.