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When RL Strikes--AKA Cassie's house got demolished RL.


Babbling Loonie
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I've been living in the same apartment for almost 3 years now, maybe going on 4? A while. Either way we've been reporting a leeak for 18+ months and after this much time they've finally tracked it down to fix it.

The problem, however, was the leak was on the third floor, I'm on ground floor, so everything was coming into our closet, woodwork etc.

As of late Friday afternoon, my apartment was not-liveable. We were moved to a corporate apartment to sleep in. I came in during the day Saturday and Sunday to catch up on some stuff on the computer and to relax. Today we were informed that the apartment will not be liveable or usable till at least Thursday or Friday. After which I will have to clean all the drywall dust and crap from my living quarters as well as do a bunch of house cleaning, putting stuff back in the closets and reorganizing my bathrooms. (fun times)

The place we are currently staying in has no internet *cry* so I can't even hop on UO or messengers from there.

I will be on briefly tonight from the apartment while we get more clothes out so we have a week of stuff to have there. Also gonna grab DVDs to watch since I have no net. Talk about technological crisis =P

Due to these unforseen circumstances (the apartment was supposed to be fixed Friday and now it's a week out) I will be unable to host the bunny spawning or auctions this week (due to no net and no UO and then cleaning all weekend when we move back in) If somene would like to do the bunny spawn for CMA/OCM, I will hand over the green thorns I had purchased for the event, I just need notice of when to go to the apartment to log in and get them to you. (needs to be after 5:30 CST)

If anyone needs to contact me, PMs through here will be your best bet. This is the first time in a long time that i will not be available regularly via IMs.

imported_Xotche of Meade

Terrible to be out of home, hope everything will be resolved quickly!

I have sent you a pm.

Take care!


Sorry Cassie. The worst is not to have your own home, your own things and way of doing things.


Babbling Loonie
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Strangely enough, this would have been less stressful for me had they said "Just move into the upstairs apartment and clean out this one while we repair.

I would have prefered moving over the weekend to having to clean drywall and dust and paint off of my stuff.

And being a barefoot child all my life, walking around on drywall will drive me crazy. As it is, I plan to take Friday off so I can clean. We ended up changing all of our Easter plans (Easter was going to be at my place but now isn't) due to this.

I guess the best way to look at it is Spring Cleaning and throwing away crap I don't need.