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When I get back in game



This is to anyone that plays Combat Arms. When I manage to get back in game if anyone wants to play some matches together just send me a message in game.
I prefer rooms with E-Mods but if it's a room for example with all your clan mates than it doesn't have to be an E-Mod room.
I play mostly Elimination but I also enjoy S&D, CTF, and Bombing Run. I also like to do FireTeam every now and again. I have not tried the "Escort" mode as of yet.

My favorite maps for Combat Arms tend to be Sector 25, Deathroom, Grave Digger, Oil Rig and Short Fuse. There are a couple of maps that I refuse to play though because I get dominated no matter what on them. Main ones are Kill Creek, Two Towers, and Waverider.

I am ok at the game but I am likely going to suck the first few days back but I have been able to maintain a 1.10 KDR even with hackers. Which in my eyes is great because of the fact that my first 2 accounts I was at around .43-.50 KDR lol. My first ever account I have no idea what the name of it is and my second account is "mymissed" which I forgot the email address and password for sadly.