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Whats a good pvp ninja stealth thief build?

Stinky Pete

Slightly Crazed
Any thief template starts with 5 primary skills that are pretty much essential:


After that you can choose one or two skills as secondary. Here are some suggestions:

Poisoning (my personal favorite)
Detect Hidden

Keep in mind that this is a thief build, not a PvP build, the goal is to get the item and run away. A lot of people want to be able to steal then stand their ground and fight. It doesn't work like that.

Personally, I find thieving is most fun on Siege. I wouldn't bother with it anywhere else.
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Stinky Pete

Slightly Crazed
...then why does your two secondary skills include offensive abilities?
It's fairly important to have a combat ability (wrestling, fencing, or swords) for the added protection against melee attackers. Hopefully with one of these, a melee attack won't hit every time and without one a dexxer is going to land every hit. With only 2 of these you aren't going to be able to go toe to toe with any PvPer, you're going to get killed every single time. All of these abilities are not necessarily offensive with the exception of tactics which you'd only run with a combat skill if you were going to go that route. You could kill something with it, but not a seasoned PvPer. It's more for getting in that cheap kill on someone when they're already red lined.


Seasoned Veteran
I am currently running the following Thief build. I'm in the process of working up detect hidden on him. I carry a Smuggler's Edge with best weapon skill so you can run any melee skill you like with it. I run 60 necro for wraith form to be able to cast recall without having magery and to not lose stam when walking through people in Fel. It's just a convenience that you could do without and just use charges in a runebook.

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