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What would you charge for a taming PVP ring?

  • Thread starter Brucie Kibbutz
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Brucie Kibbutz

I have a ring, and I won't make fun of anyone's opinion like other people might. If you say and believe 10 gold, then say it.

12 Animal Taming
52 Luck but what good is that

I know you guys see a lot of these, apologies in advance. I figure combine it with an Orny and you're at 2/6.

I dont need it and want to offload it. So any price you think it will move for in Luna is what I will do.


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Stratics Legend
Ehh, its not that great imo. If it had LRC instead of luck or even LMC youd be set at around 5mil but as is, its prob worth 750k. tops.