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What was the true time line for the end of EA-Land?



I've seen a lot of speculation about how EA-Land ended and how Luc and his team left EA.

There has always been speculation on this board about different aspects of the game, the dev's and Parizad's (sp?) activities. People trying to 'read between the lines' and extrapolate the true motives behind the actions or lack of actions of EA. But it seems like 90% of it has NOT been based in first hand knowledge, but rather from educated guesses and 2nd or 3rd hand rumors.

I just wonder if anyone knows the real truth about when and why EA chose to end EA-Land. And did Luc leave EA BECAUSE EA closed EA-Land? or was he planning to leave EA and form his own company all the while he and his team were working on EA-Land? Maybe EA closed EA-land BECAUSE Luc left the company and no one was left to be a supporter for it?

Oh, and was EA-Land really just created so EA could close down TSO without the bad press of having to end one aspect of the Sims franchise? That just seems like a lot of expense for something that wouldn't really have that much effect on the company's bottom line.


If you are looking for an absolute and first hand, true accounting of the last days of TSO, you have come to the wrong place.

The reason, that what is posted here, are only extrapolations based on speculation and rumor, is that, it is all we have had to work with....since the day TSO was launched.

Anyone that might be able to speak plainly about what EA did, when and why, is not talking....maybe because of contractual restrictions....maybe because they don't chose to....either way, the bottom line is that, we the posters on Statics, have nothing but our own general knowledge and intelligence to fall back on, when trying to understand the whys and where-fors of everything that has happened in the last 5+ years. rolleyes:


This is as far as i know about the end of the sims online. I found out the game was ending in march. A month before the announcement, I kept it quiet to not dissapoint tso players and hopefully EA would change their mind.

I do know that luc has left EA over the game of tso ending. He was very upset about it and decided to make his own game. The other developers that left with him left for their reasons. Most likely the same reason.

Now for the name change of the game as my guess would be is the developers kissing butt as to keep the game going. As you all know EA has planned on ending tso for over a year and Luc and the developers have been convincing them to keep it as long as they did.

I hope this answers some of your questions and let you know the developers really did try to keep tso going. Even if they had to change the name and all.