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[Imbuing] What the heck? Imbuing or reforging or BOTH?


Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
I bought some pretty swag armor from a broker. From what I can glean it was all reforged rather than imbued. I originally griped to him the armor wasn't Powder of Fort'd when he gave it to me but he assured it me that it could be POF. Truly, I took him at his word and it actually worked.

From what I gather, reforging is random? I built my imbuer up to GM level and for once in my whole time playing I want to build a crafting ability up to Legendary. Me of all people! Imbuing is custom from what I understand but the items must be POF before even putting on the first little imbue onto it.

So, really, I'm very new to this concept and I'm one of the few people to do any BODs so I don't get those fancy doodads other people have. Just now I read about a "retouching tool" ... what the heck does that do? Another person suggested I ENHANCE items after reforging. Yet another person says to reforge then imbue but testing this out I am not allowed to do so.

Truly this old crafter is amazed by this new art form! May someone help me?

Kylie Kinslayer

Grand Poobah
Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
Only retouching tool I know of is for ethy mounts *shrugs* ... new one on me.

When I am making armor I craft whatever piece I want from a normal kit with normal leather. Then I reforge the piece. Once I get a piece with the mods I am looking for, I pof it to max then I imbue it to the rest of the mods I am looking for. Then I use a forged metal tool (gives 100% chance of successful enhancing) and enhance the piece to finish it off.

The problem I have with just reforging the item is it takes TOO long to get the combination of mods desired and then it also has to have none of the negative tags associated with it as well. Much easier and less time consuming to do the way I do above. But, everyone is different.