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[Imbuing] What skill needed to make Soulforge?

The Scandinavian

Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
Hi there,

what imbuing skill is needed to make soulforge?

the only number I remember is that you can make them before you can unravel relics(95,1),which is abit backwards because relics are needed reagent.

Im at high 80 in imbuing skill so I looking forward to make a soulforge "soon".

The Scandinavian


Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
100 Carpentry
75 Imbuing

150 Boards
150 Ingots
1 Relic Fragment

50% Success Chance


Lore Keeper
Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
Yeah, but only if you can get someone to unravel a relic for you since you have to be 95.1 to get the relic fragments that are needed for crafting the soulforge.


can a Soulforge be used as a regular forge for smithing and such... while also available for use in Imbuiing? Do you need to have one of each in your house, in other words?


no the soulforge works not like a normal forge/anvil, and this is really annoying

i wanted to craft with my smith at the soulforge and then it said i must stand near an forge and anvil

wtf ... there are 2 anvils, huge, so giants could use them. so i place a small forge next to it and still got the same msg.

so ... soulforges cant be used by smiths you must build a regular forge/anvil next to it