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What should my spell rotation look like with Magery/Mysticism?


Having a hard time finding anything like this so thought I'd ask..

I'm just returning to the game.

120 Eval, Focus, Magery, Meditation, Mysticism, 100 Inscription(or 120 Resist)

I'm Mage mastery focused.

What should my offensive rotation look like, optimally?

Maximus Neximus

Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
What are you fighting? If its lowest resist is fire then spam flamestrike/fireball, if it's energy spam ebolt/lightning, etc. I'd drop a rising colossus first to tank.


Yes, mystic isn't actually going to change things much vs playing a regular mage offensively. It does have some very potent defensive capability, cleaning winds and mass sleep are so gnarly when I switch back to any character without mystic I almost feel withdrawals. Also healing stone if you can keep a hand free

Spell plague is a good addition to your offensive spell rotation though, use it like you would the classic magery explosion spell with the delay.

Boulder is cool for the few mobs with weakness to phys, and hailstorm as well as nether cyclone are good additions to cover all bases for aoe ability.

I also agree that RC can do a good job tanking, which would be very handy for that death ray. Try x-fielding something with a good bit of hp like a yamandon or hydra and watch that death ray tic with a lesser slayer equipped. Very very satisfying

Anon McDougle

Babbling Loonie
Stratics Veteran
I have mystic/weaver/mage i use EVs then situational spells chain lighting/meteor storm hail storm etc RC is better than EV but death ray makes running magery mastery worth it so in my head at least the mastery bonus makes my EV a better choice. I use cleaning winds to heal IMO it's simply one of the strongest spells in the game (if you have spellweaving as well thunderstorm is fantastic)