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What is in the game?


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I'm new to LOTRO, I've played UO for more years then I care to admit and decided that I'd had enough, it was time for something refreshing. I bought the game, created an account and paid for a month. Long enough, I assumed, to decide whether this was the game for me.

Knowing full well, just like UO, it takes time to get used to any new game. I created a simple elf/hunter and did all the start up quests. I was then set lose in the last of Windfola. Finally feeling like I was getting somewhere I set to exploring.

So far it's been a full week and I've yet to successfully engage someone in conversation, through many repeatedly failed attempts. I feel as if I might not be online, and for all the people here, they may as well be NPC's.
I don't see any goals apart from more simple quests, which I'd be happy to keep doing, if I felt it was going to help me meet people to hunt socially.

UO may be lacking in many ways graphically, but it seems to have stumbled upon a fine balance of game play verses ease of socialisation. I wont return to UO, and unless something grips me in LOTRO within the next two weeks, I will not renew my subscription and try the next game.


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Howdy, I'd be happy to show you around and help you with anything your having trouble with, I too played UO for several years but left with the launch of Kingdom Reborn and joined the LotRo community on Windfola. I have 9 alts in all at different levels. send me a tell some time :)