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What is everyone flying?



Like I mentioned in an earlier post, I'm working towards a Myrmidon. I have the skills trained to fly and equip it, but I don't have the ISK. So right now I'm flying a Vexor.

I'm doing mostly PvE right now, unless I get jumped. Then I'm doing a bunch of dying.

Here's my basic fit:
2x 200mm 'Scout' I Accelerator Cannon
1x Small Tractor Beam I
2x Salvager I

2x Cap Recharger II
1x Y-SB Hydrocarbon I Afterburners

1x Damage Control II
1x Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane I
1x Medium 'Accommodation' Vestment Reconstructor I
1x Capacitor Power Relay II

8x Hobgoblin I

I swap things around sometimes if I want more firepower. I like this fit because the cannons do decent damage at a distance and I can send the drones in for close combat. It's serving me pretty well.

What is everyone else flying?


Hail Capsuleer,

I'm pretty new to the game, still having fun figuring things out, so what I'm doing may or may not make good sense. I've been running missions with a Rupture (a Minmatar Cruiser), loaded out with 3 medium auto cannons and 3 missile launchers, and a few drones. After I complete each mission, but before I turn it in, I switch ships to a Thrasher (Minmatar Destroyer) loaded with 4 Salvagers and 4 Tractor Beams and just mop up the wreckage. The salvage is where I make most of my ISK. Alloyed Tritanium Bars and Armor Plates anyone? :)