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What happened to.. (various Europa players)


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Lol yes it was me though that's not my original account either :). Wow this is an old thread can't believe that was 2011.
No promises but send him a PM with all your info and see if you can get them back, it's worth a try ;)


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Its a real bummer not being able to edit the original thread by the way; is there a way to associate my accounts again? (I swear I did this once or twice before!)


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Its a real bummer not being able to edit the original thread by the way; is there a way to associate my accounts again? (I swear I did this once or twice before!)
I have the powers to edit the main thread if needed (has to valid though) but i'd recommend reaching out to @Nexus first to re-merge your old account with this one, if that doesn't work or can't be done then please send me a PM and i'll look at editing your main thread :)

Raiden BoC

As one of many returning players due to EJ, it's been great these past few weeks catching up with old friends and meeting new ones after what must be 7 or 8 years since I stepped away from UO.

If any of you guys remember me, don't be shy in saying hi or in visiting Cove, the Baronship is thriving once more! ;)

Speaking of BoC and on the topic of this thread, I'd love to catch up with my old mate and Grenadier bruddah Vince Valentine, just on the off chance anyone knows of his whereabouts.

@Lucy of Kenton your avatar looks familiar, though my memory is probably failing me after all these years :D
It's been a while...truth be told i don't think i've been on these 'ere forums since's defecting from ERPA and being responsible for forming CoRE....

Good to see many still around, haven't logged in myself since the General stumbled off home... though i've been considering taking a look in game for a while now but *shrugs*

*raises an ale to all*


Hello Zen here.

Great to see old familiar names. Shout out to Dain, Valfreyja , Kas Valentine, who were three very cool people who I met IRL at a UO meet somewhere. Dain very kindly put the 3 of us up in his house for the night. I seem to recall that we all dressed as our UO characters. It was great fun. I think I went to two IRL UO meets. Many thanks Dain, top bloke :)

Also a shout out to Busty Wench.

For anyone who remembers, the most fun I had on stratics was when I created a comedy trolling thread under the pseudonym of "Lady Felacia".

After playing UO for a while, I became interested in the Europa role-playing community (ERPA). I created two guilds for ERPA: The Judgement City Judges, based upon 2000AD Judges, and The Surfs, who played ordinary folk, who would also be at the centre of villainous & heroic stories of the various other RP guilds. I handed that guild over to Sally Buttons, who made it great!

I also enjoyed writing the Book of Zen stores. It was based around the, rather exaggerated, characters of various babblers at the time. I still have it, and here's episode one...

Episode One: The Disappearance of Kofu
Rumour that Kofu was missing had started to spread throughout the land. The populous had begun panic, as one of Kofu's vendors had died, dropping all his money, and flooding the economy with incalculable millions. Economic collapse was feared, as inflation spiralled out of control, with the price of blackpearl shooting up to 25gp a pop, with no sign of stopping soon!

Fearing for Kofu's safety, an emergency meeting of the Stratics High Council was in progress at the Green Gargoyle Inn...

"Anyone for a pie?", enquired Wikkr.

"Perhaps we should get to the matter in hand?" Orangebeard asserted, shuffling his chair closer to the conference table.

"Arf! Never under estimate the nutritional value of a firm pie. Wars have been won and lost due to pastry product mismanagement!", Kas interjected, " and well said brother Wikkr. *snaffles* "

Barian leapt from his chair, piercing Kas and Wikkr with an outraged expression. "How can you be so trivial! Can't you see that pies are the least of our worries right now? For the love of Kofu!", he exclaimed.

"Now, now friends.", said Dain soothingly, "There's a lot of love in this room, and I can understand that emotions are running high ok. So maybe we just need to think about everyone's feelings and show a little understanding people."

"Rez kill them ALL!!!!!..... NOW!!!... ", Suldrun demanded feverishly.

"Rez kill who exactly?" enquired Orangebeard.

"Tamers of course!!! Don't you listen man.... It must be something to do with them......... them or bards anyway......"

"And just how have you come to that conclusion?" said Orangebeard, trying desperately to put on his most understanding face.

"It's always them.... they've probably camped so much spawn that OSI is running out of gold pieces to print for Kofu....!!!!!"

Just at that point, Oona slowed her flitting around the conference table, and hovered for a few moments, a look of consternation and deep thought furrowing her fairy eyebrows. All of a sudden, she started to glow more brightly, and her little silver wings began flapping with excitement. "I like ickle pies.", she stated triumphantly. "Ickle pies remind me of ickle wee fairy cakes, which are all cute and fluffy just like me *twinkles* "

Orangebeard put his head in his hands, and let out an exasperated sigh.

"What would Kofu say if he could see us now", muttered Barian woefully.

"Hahahaha this meeting has been hijacked. u all suxx0r n00b f00z", added Wuffa helpfully.

Just as Orangebeard was tugging on his beard, desperately trying to think of a way of getting the meeting back on track without having to tell everyone to put their hands on their heads and stand in the corner, a blue portal opened in the centre of room.

Everyone stopped and turned to stare at the portal, out of which a small red winged monkey-type creature appeared.

"Burp!!!!" exclaimed the Imp.

Silence descended at the conference table, a few stunned moments passed by, then everyone shouted at the same time...


Sioned Silvers

Stratics Veteran
By Raza! It's KALDOR!!!! *Eyes Paladis* Hey! If you stop by the Swaggers - I'll serve ya A REAL Kaldorian Ale ;)

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So many old names in here, some sad stories.

I was Zorrro (yup 3 rs) and Vortex - Mostly played Vortex towards the end.

Not played for a long long time, anyone remembers me drop me a PM.


A list of names that used to post on here a lot when I played, 1999-2001. My account long gone now and someone has my name on here. unfortunately i sold my account in 2001 for a few thousand quid (had rare, neon hair, big properties etc) as most people i played with seemed to have quit or disappeared and the money too good to pass up on. I played EQ for a while but couldn't really get into it in the same way. I played WoW for a year with friends and had a good time and thats were MMORPG's ended for me. I still play games but mostly PS4 or switch. I don't have time for playing from 5pm to 2am each day anymore thats for sure, and then during the day as well a lot of the time!

Had some great memories in the game, and a few years ago I did try and put a character on to see what was up with the game but it was really different and didn't see to have the same soul. I have read this place now and then, and its really sad to see posts on the front page going back several months - I remember when this place used to be like being at brit bank, with regular conversations and some good meet-ups. Do they still have the server downtime at 2am or whenever and there's fights around brit graveyard? Used to love that. I remember going for a walk in my first set of Valerite armour and promptly getting PK'd. I think Trammel probably brought a lot of people to the game initially because there was genuine frustration at getting murdered with all your gear and loot on in a dungeon, but I think that was part of the rush - do you recall to the bank and get your loot dropped off, get more regs and repair armour or kill a few more liche lords first? trammel was initially quite novel but once felucca got depopulated, it was very risky being there and not really any appropriate reward for doing so. Figuring out patterns for mining , looking out for people doing unattended macros, getting out of their quick with a huge ton of ingots as a red name appears on the fringe of the screen. getting my first nightmare and dragon as a tamer, and then taming my own as well were great.

I also vividly remember getting my cable modem, going from 56k to 512k - tiny by today's standards - but it changed the game completely. I remember before that you'd often take a few steps, lag half a second, take a few more, lag half a second...rare it seemed to be without that. I remember getting it and running all over the place on my horse without stopping and it was like a different game.

Unfortunately I made my fortune off people probably leaving the game as got into IDOC camping, lotting the gear and placing a house, was a good rush as often 4-5 people would unhide and was a race to place and spam 'I ban thee!' macros, but once you got a few big houses your fortune grew really quickly and you amassed those sweet black dye tubs and neon hair dyes everyone coveted.

I remember not much really seemed to change with the game for a long time, to the point that people got really excited when someone popped up with a neon ice staff. That dungeon was then rammed with people killing ice elementals in the hope of getting one and drop rate was really low, but soon enough everyone at brit bank had one!

I know there is EJ's, but can't help but think if there was a pre-trammel shard like WoW has done with its OG rules and content, it would be popular at getting people to re-sub even just short-term. Even if it was just one like siege.

Anyway few usernames from here that I can remember and some from in-game.




Ashe (obv...lol)


Jessica Grimm




Fubar McNailz

Axillion Ordren

X gigi X

Weyoun VII






Richard D James










Kris Quicksilver





Also the WTFMan Dec monkey / Commando videos are still out there, along with Gallad the Looter, B0N3D00D and pLaTeDeWd...if you search google for Ultima Online Flash Movies Reddit someone compiled a list. a great look down memory lane!
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By chance i came across another thread on here that mentioned Ax Ordren and it says that he and another player called NoeNoe/NoaNoa got married IRL.


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Stratics Legend
Anyone in contact with or know what happened to Leo? the broker from leogaming?
Leo was banned many many years ago for duping along with a couple of his friends.. he tried to make many come backs but failed, he now runs a restaurant in his native country, morgy is in regular contact with him and goes over to see him quiet often...


Leo was banned many many years ago for duping along with a couple of his friends.. he tried to make many come backs but failed, he now runs a restaurant in his native country, morgy is in regular contact with him and goes over to see him quiet often...
Can you DM me any contact info for either of them that you have? :)