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What exactly is this shard like?



Is there any player versus player action here?

How are the champion spawns, from what I saw they look really inactive is this out of choice or is there a mysterious force preventing them from being done?


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i believe evil pacific aliens hold down high end spawns or least try but shard is wide open frontier for rest come play meet interesting peeps most have fun and are sociable


Shard is young and about where one would expect it to be at its age having had the first wave of pioneers thined by time lots of spots opened up for awhile and still good deals can be had on house plots and homes in general.

since ive come here many of the open spots have been filled in tram for the large forts and more and more filling up fel, in general estimate shard is filling up.

The pvp is limited but shows promise with good dedicated players and one can find action if they want it i sugest camping idoc,s in fel its a sure fire way to atract oponents.the yew gate has duelers and there are some war guilds that carry on.

not the kind of arogance youll find on a larger shard here folks tend tword the friendly side but there are the small town additudes and witch hunts that can pop up id say take time and be open but not too open and youll find good folks for you.

lots of good hunting due to fact that its a more laid back shard some think its low pop but that not so much the case as the players seem to be more casual and login a bit less but you wont find too many folks screaming at you about you taking there prey or the like.

still deals on castles to be found here if youve ever wanted a castle in uo or a keep for that matter this is the place to do it for the kind of gold that it used to take to get such houses, trammel deals are much fewer but happen from time to time with fel castles trading on a regular basis and even being placed once in awhile.

the shoping can be good here as well or bad depending on the sellers additude things arnt so locked up that all prices are high and you can find great shops in out of the way places tended by the kind of folks who got uo going in the first place and if you dont find what you want start up a char on a large shard go shop and transfer them here loaded with goods.

events happen but not like the large shards if it bugs you host one.

guilds are as usual a good place for companionship comradery and drama
my only warning is be wary of information required to join as it has been a security issue in the past and all one needs to start a hack is an email address and even here there have been some probs with hacking as on all shards.

all in all Origin is a good shard and its up and coming have a look around and if you stay welcome.