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What do I think we need done with factions...



Factions were at one time a great way to get a fight and not have to be red. The problem is most who came into the faction zone soon realized that with all for the glitches and bad mechanics of the bases it was futile to fight against those who chose to use every loophole the developers left in the original design.

After many years of complaints the developers finally got around to doing something about it, however I believe they did not fully understand what faction fighters wanted.

We (when I use we, I am speaking of only those that I communicate with, this is not to say everyone) wanted the bases fixed a little tweak here and there.

1. Optimally we wanted all bases out of the towns and set up more or less like Minax base, side of mountain out of guard zones; Equal base structure, size and same choke points smallest 3-4 across max. We did not want city sixed bases with secrete passages and tons of pixel crack; no Feluccian really cares about that in Felucca. While we appreciate the massive effort you made to do something, it was not what we wanted or needed.

2. Now barring the original simple system we need to make factions more players friendly. I mean honestly factions are about pride of ownership and getting a good group fight to us anyway. Here are some things we would like seen done if we can’t get simple bases without all of the trammel appeal.

3. All bases need a n increased decay timer, where things left on ground disappear after 30 minutes. This will hopefully prevent the buildup and stacking of objects on overpasses that cause server lag and client crashes as you pass under. If there is any way to make it 10 stack max in this area great so people still can place obstacles but not so much as to cause interference with game play.

4. Remove or make invulnerable all NPCs in region, so field spells (poison field, fire field etc. and area effects) do not inadvertently attack NPCS allowing guards to participate in factions.

5. Remove guard zones in regions directly around base entrances , this prevents non-faction blues from participation ( yes I am way guilty of this)

6. Put a real timer on sigils with countdown clocks and so forth ( I get tired of guessing , and usually I’m wrong )

7. All spells should be equal, if you can cast rising colossus , you should also be able to cast EVS and blade spirits etc. in a base region.

8. Specific Base fixes if were keeping old bases:

a. Brit Base:

i. remove portcullis

ii. Remove overhead walkways inside base prevent stacking in areas

iii. Extend non guard zone outside

iv. Prevent Guard placement at entrance of base (no other base has this)

b. Shadow Lords Base:

i. Either seal off side of base underground where people ( non-faction) can recall inside. Place wall or seal side of walkway where ladder drops down to lower tier so others players (non-faction) can’t side assault while trying to hold base.

ii. Prevent non-faction and anyone really from casting above base outside and it hitting those below fighting with area effects

iii. Remove the single tile choke points and way to many levels to be honest all those stairs wow.

c. COM Base: (First I would like to say size and simplicity of this base is great, in my opinion anyway)

i. While the size and shape is nice and comparable with what we were thinking, the location is an island and you can only use gate to run sigils

ii. The approach still leaves room for non-faction to fire at faction players while under attack from rival factions.

iii. There is a guard zone at the teleports just a hop away from base

d. Minax base:

i. Fix the hole on right side of entrance where people can hide in group and cast energy field / log and be inside bas without fighting way through defenders

ii. Extend the NO HOUSE area, over the years large homes are placed there blocking approach and evacuation routes, not to mention a too safe area for faction assaults to on invaders. If you can’t remove homes or set them back a few tiles then move entrance to area where no house is and make it a no house zone.

9. Rewards:

a. Make all faction armor non wearable outside of Felucca or just extend factions to all faucets……..

b. Make faction items come pre –race fitted

c. Make faction items such as potions only affect faction players

10. I know the point situation is out of hand on some shards and I know those with a million plus points dint get those from kills at least none I know of. But there needs to be some way to make it competitive for other guild in same faction to not be penalized for one larger group amassing point that affect your ability to suit up. On the shard I play this not an issue really, (on Legends I had 30k and was a rank 7 on LS 0 and rank 10)

a. The points are there to establish a reward for acquisition and a penalty for losing fights, but when you can kill and get nothing or bank them on another character it defeats this aspect.

b. Do not allow one than one honor per person receive or donate per … (insert timer here)

c.Increase decay rate at levels by point range, at 1-10 points you lose 10% a week, at 11-99 you lose 25% a week…. At 100-500 you lose 50% or some form of increasing scale. (Yeah this would suck for going on vacation) So set a max reduction first week 2nd and 3rd week less 4th week after increase 50%.

Well sorry so long and I’m sure I have a lot some will not agree with and in some instances think are just plain silly , but these are my thought on it and welcome any creative and alternative response.


Slightly Crazed
Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
I agree with most of what you posted. Id be fine with making the choke point in all bases bigger along with removing the extra set of doors in the shadow lords base, the portcullis in brit. Or at the very least just fix it so the sides dont stick leaving one part up and the rest down.

As far as point decay i think a 10% rate is still fine.

When they worked on factions it was great they were willing to give it so much effort but the outcome wasn't even close to a desired one. Points for stealthing or healing? Carpets as elevators? Two different spots to guard? No, they were way off and the reaction was pretty brutal ( myself included, I apologize for that too, it was less than appropriate.) It angered a lot of people because for years faction players listed the fixes they wanted and they pretty much ignored them and did their own thing. After, they scrapped the whole thing and never mentioned another word until now when they decided to wipe the points.

As far as incentives for owning towns, there doesn't need to be any. The purpose of factions is to pvp. If anyone wants items, play in trammel.

If they did even 50% of the fixes mentioned in your post, factions would improve greatly.


Seasoned Veteran
Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
6. Put a real timer on sigils with countdown clocks and so forth ( I get tired of guessing , and usually I’m wrong )
*I would suggest lowering this from 10 hours to something more reasonable again.*

Stat loss could possibly get looked at, I think 20 mins is tad much. Its mainly there to prevent players from returning to combat so quickly after dieing for defenses and such. Currently some players can ignore portions of this by stacking +skill items as well so if timer is reduced increase penalty to compensate.

Other than that many of your proposed fixes are reasonable and would be very helpful. While I don't think factions needs an incentive personally as well, it couldn't hurt in the long term to get more players. If the new town loyalty system is good maybe they can do something similar.