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Welcome to SotA Stratics!


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Hello Shroud of the Avatar players, and welcome to Stratics!

As you may or may not be aware, Stratics was recently purchased at auction by a group consisting of the volunteer senior staff with the intent of returning the site to its volunteer, not-for-profit fansite roots. Please see The State of Stratics-January 2016 for more details.

We have a lot of work ahead of us, and while it may not be immediately evident we do want you to know that we are aware of your presence here and delighted to have you.

If you are interested in contributing to the SotA section of Stratics (or any other section of Stratics, for that matter) in a more official capacity, please put in a volunteer application here. Thanks for joining us!

Jack Knyfe

Stratics Veteran
I would like to see the SotA section as it's own section of the forum, rather than be relegated to the oft uncharted waters of Off-Topic.

I'm also good at sniffing out bad eggs.

Also, I apparently don't have permission to view the application page.


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Let me take a moment to explain why SotA is off in the realm of Off-Topic.

About a year ago, the then owner of Stratics rededicated it as a Ultima Onine fansite. SotA and Shards Online were placed here because they had a measure of interest from the community, but he wanted to keep his promise to our UO Community.

Of course that brings up the question of "Is that going to change?" The answer is, it's very likely, but we need to do several things first, we made a few commitments during the Indiegogo Campaign which we need to get rolling and some progress made, and we also have to look at, and decided how we want to handle additional titles so they can be treated fairly, and won't leave any staff that is brought on board for those titles feeling "stranded" or unsupported.

What I'd like to ask is for you guys to keep doing what you're doing here now, grow as a SotA community here, and have a bit of patience, you're not out of our thoughts. We just have a lot on our plates at the moment, and we want to make sure we do everything right.