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Welcome to Sonoma!

  • Thread starter Dor of Sonoma
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Dor of Sonoma

Greetings...you have chosen wisely, Grasshopper. :)

Sonoma...home of the YMCA, the Sonoma Alliance, Havenhold, Isle of Avalon, Caendryl Township, Oasis Fight Nights, the Dark Tower, the Horse Races and numerous other player ventures...proud possessor of a rich history which is still created daily by many of the original participants.

Sonoma is regarded by its community as the best shard around, due to its friendly denizens, helpful players and a wellspring of fertile imagination. We may be small, but we stick together! *grins*

So settle back, read the RoC uptop (*points*), then introduce yourself and get to know us. Feel free to post ANY shard-specific or community-related messages here. If you have any questions or need assistance with anything, just ask. We'll be happy to help.

It's good to see you here. :)

LINKS: I am adding some links here, to ultimately make this forum a coherent place to learn of current quests, events, past history and your fellow players:

Sonoma is blessed with many gifted authors. You may read the wonderful tale of one such here: Rose's Story . As soon as I figure out a coherent to accomplish it, I will be making other author's submissions equally available for your reading pleasure. :)

Another great location for local authors' works (as well as some select biographies) is Ghost's The Lycaeum Thanks, Ghost! (by the way, he is always seeking submissions)

A central location for local guilds' forums, including many of our regular favorites here...a great place to contact and converse with your local guild(s). Check out Stratics' Sonoma Guilds Forums

For shard-specific news, you may visit Stratics' Sonoma News.

Please visit the site created by Bitter Oswald for the YMCA, whether you seek further information, or have any archived history to submit. :)

For a real good time, please visit Sonoma's own DeathRage's NUBs and KewL DooD's Britannian's Guide to KewL DooDery /php-bin/shared/images/icons/biggrin.gif Note: As of this writing, the NUBs' site no longer lingers on the net. However, it may be posible to use the URL in the Internet Achives' Wayback Machine...so I am leaving it. :p

Information on Sonoma's Public UOAM Server may be found in This thread , courtesy of BreeOge

Visit the UO Nexus Usernames thread to add your own username and to acquire further information. (This thread will be "kept"...thanks, Joram /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif

For those of you with mIRC: Please check out #sonoma, on any Stratics server, port 6667. Another IRC channel has just been added: #uosonoma. For directions on how to sign up, please read on: <blockquote><hr>

In an effort to gather news and provide another medium of conversation for players of Sonoma, the Sonoma News Team has set up an IRC channel. This channel, #uosonoma, is on the Stratics IRC Network and is solely for the use of players of Sonoma.

It is a handy tool for getting quick answers to your questions, especially at those times of day when the boards aren't busy.

If you don't already have an IRC client you can either use the Stratics Java IRC client which can be found at http://irc.stratics.com or any other software client, such as mIRC (http://www.mirc.com) or Trillian (http://www.ceruleanstudios.com/trillian/index.html).

The settings you need to connect to the Stratics server are :
server name : irc.stratics.com
port : 6667
channel : #uosonoma
The rules of the channel can be read using the /motd command and on entry into the channel.


When in #uosonoma the following scripted commands can be used :
!pratchett : A random quote from Terry Pratchett!
!sonoma : Some interesting and funny information on the Sonoma boardies and IRC regulars /php-bin/shared/images/icons/wink.gif
For further help on using IRC please see http://chat.stratics.com


I am also including the following information on how to get up and running with #sonspawn:<blockquote><hr>

For Sonoma spawn enthusiasts: in the works right now is an IRC channel called #sonspawn. For further information on how to connect : http://chat.stratics.com/
I use irc.frws.com server myself.....seems to be the most stable so far. Please pass this info on. You can change topic of room to reflect where the current spawn is.

I will post the directions and walk you through step by step. You may want to print this out for further reference as you are going through the download process. With that said...here are your directions...

* Go to mirc.com
* Click on "download and try mirc 6.02"
* Click on any download site closest to where you are
* Click "save" and let it download
* Open where you put the file, double click the icon
* Click "next" then "yes", then "install"
* Your choice, either read the info or click "Launch" then "finish"
* Read thru the introduction if you need to get familiar with mIRC
* Click the x
* There are several boxes in front of you... you want the second box. It should say (I'm assuming its the same for everyone) Random US Dal network. Even if it doesnt, doesn't matter, thats the box you're changing right now anyway.
* Click "add" then type in the description bar irc.frws.com . Type it again in the IRC server box. * Click "add"
* Now fill if your name (I have my nickname there, not my real name) So if your char name is Harriet, type in Harriet, etc. Your email address is NOT visable to ANYONE so don't worry, type it in.
* Where it says Nickname type your char name , and then for alternate, if you choose, you can put something else in there or just leave blank.
* Click "ok"
* Click the 3rd box over from the left...it has a # and a + on it. (thats the list of all the rooms on that server)
* Type in #sonspawn on top box and in description then click "add" then "join"
* Guess what, YOU'RE IN THE ROOM!! Welcome!!
* To register your name so no one else can use it on the stratics network, in the bottom bar where your curser is, type this: /register YOURNICKNAME HERE &lt;yourpassword here&gt;
For example: /register Harriet &lt;blahblah&gt;
For now, just change the topic of the room by double clicking the screen and type where the spawn is on the first bar on top. Thanks and see you there!!!


Edited 10/29/01 to remove a rearranged link. :-/ Thanks for the heads-up, Aaronthar! Edited again on 11/24/01 to remove yet another...*sighs*...good eye, Miraz. Edited again on 1/31/02 to add links to Sonoma UOAM, SSBODA and player's stories. Edited 3/22/02 to remove SonomaFactions (dead link) and add UO Nexus Usernames link. Added IRC info on 9/15/02. Added The Lycaeum link (finally!) on 9/19/02. Info on #uosonoma added on 10/02/02. Some links updated on 1/28/03


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