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Especially necromancy - as demonstrated by your post... best thread necromancy I've seen in ages me ol' fruit...


Lol yes, I was just looking to see what the oldest posts were.
When I started reading this board back in 2000-2001 I remember there being a lot of flame wars going on on here so I was just looking to see if any were still there. I was bored!

Having said that we did have some great board warriors on europa

Kas Valentine

Stratics Legend
Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
Cor look at all the old names, glory days I tell yer !

S'a pity Necromancy didn't come in the way we thought it would (using the existing reagents like deadwood, blackmoor, executioners cap and so forth). And name change deeds....? Ho ho shambles, that'll be twenty of your US dollars please sir.

(PS; Gutted my "Adventures of Fortune and Glory" link no longer works, I had some good tales on that board)


Lore Master
Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
*smiles warmly* Well Smolf, I used to get a lot of stick from roleplayers about the name Cool UK, which eventually led me to create a 'Kas Valentine' character once I knew name change deed's weren't coming. I've uses for both characters now, but even if those deed's came I'd still change Cool UK to Kas Valentine, because it'd save me training up the exisiting Kas Valentine. S'gonna take forever! Took me the two years I've been playing to get Cool UK to his current level. Gah! *giggles*

Kas Valentine.

ah, the memories .... *falls over*