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Weapon Ranges



Can anyone explain how to determine the ranges of the various weapon systems in Eve? There's Optimal Range and Accuracy Falloff attributes on the "Show Info" pages, and range modifiers on some of the ammo types, and all kinds of ship modules, rigs and skills to affect the weapon's performance.

I'm not trying to optimize the damage I do, yet, just trying to understand the ranges so that I know how close I need to be to the target and when to pull the trigger!



I asked this same question in a help chat the other day because I felt like I wasn't doing the damage I should be doing. I only have one type of weapon (200mm 'Scout' I Accelerator Cannon), and the optimal range is about 19km. I set my orbit distance in the overview to 19km and try to stay far away while the drones do the closeup work. This has been working pretty well for me.

I really notice a falloff in accuracy when I get in too close.