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We mourn the loss of our dear friend mr. kool

  • Thread starter Breyn Darkthorne
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Breyn Darkthorne

With a gentle mix of honor and sorrow I am writing this letter to let UO friends know of the passing of our dear friend, mr. kool. (Some of you know him as Pops.)For me, mr. kool transcended beyond a friendship relationship in my heart. He was a loved one - family to me. If we're lucky, there are some people you meet that are special, that instantly become part of your life. It was like that with mr. kool and I.

Kool and I met sometime during the year 2000 and though I cannot recall the exact date and time, I remember the occasion. A guild mate of mine knew I was a fairly young tamer and in conversation realized I was anxious to own my first dragon. In those days there was no jewelry to boost taming skill. Simply put, I could possibly own one but it would be next to impossible for me to actually tame my own. My guild friend introduced me for the first time to this amazing, sweet and beautiful spirit man. I still have the dragon he gave to me resting in my stable. I offered to pay him, but if anyone knew him would know he wouldn't take the money. In fact, he quickly filled up my stable with every amazing animal from our Catskills land. Our fate was sealed from that day forward - we would always be together in friendship and love no matter the miles between us. Kool loved and embraced me as his own, introducing me to his beautiful daughter "kools daughter". She also became a part of my heart and life because she was his and so much like him herself. My life has been and will continue to be blessed and enriched because he loved me so much. He gently, sweetly taught me how to be a friend by his example and his unwavering love for me. He never let an opportunity slip away to let me know how valuable I was. I thank God every day that he found me worthy to be in his life.

I am sure it comes as no surprise to many who knew him that he was a courageous and honorable veteran of the Vietnam war. He fought for his country and beliefs beside our other brothers and sisters - returning home injured and forever marked by this sacrifice. Over the years, time and age began to ravage his physical body - but never his spirit. He faced multiple illnesses with a courage, and with a determination that left me in awe. He was determined to be independent, he was stubborn as a mule (in a good way), and woe to the person that tried to control him, to talk down to him, to make him be what they thought he should be. He kept his illnesses and disabilities in check largely with a mental self-discipline that I can only admire. He was never, never bitter. It just wasn't in his character. And he could always, always laugh at himself.

mr. kool was many things. He was courageous and loyal. He was smart and extremely intuitive about people. He didn’t suffer fools, but he could find those of us who were not yet at our potential, and like a great teacher, he could help us to own our value. For that, I think we’re all somewhat indebted to him. It was almost scary to me how he could see through people. Kool saw into their hearts and knew if they were good or not. He was also incredibly funny. He was an excellent cook and so talented with wood carvings. You should see the beautiful walking staff he made for me from "diamond willow". Miss (his daughter) carved the dragon language on it for me, so it is obvious where she got her talents from as well. He was great company; he was as good and as true a friend as any person could hope for. He refused to let me think less of myself or to get down on myself; he told me I was beautiful the way I was, no matter what way that was; and he convinced me that I was worth the very best. I am a significantly better person because of his presence in my life.

We all loved mr. kool so much and we want to think we were all his best friend. If you’re like me, you can be unbelievably selfish about kool because being his best friend really means something. But, we were all his best friends and he loved us all, and in the stories that we have of him, he lives on in our hearts and spirits.

All the stories that flood my mind are simply too much to put into my tribute to him. But I would like to share with those that loved him and admired him his final hours - not how he died, but how he lived that very day.

For those that aren't aware, Mr. Kool finally had a chance to meet me face to face. He came to my home in Raleigh, NC on 11/20 because my birthday was 11/21. He came to celebrate my birthday and to spend Thanksgiving with me, Bain and Mystyka. It was a wonderful UO party - having my dear friends feasting at my table, celebrating my birthday and spinning tales of days gone by in UO and life in general. On Friday morning, this incredible man decided he'd brave the shopping frenzy on the busiest shopping day of the year. He had a couple of items on his Christmas shopping list as well and of course they were a one-day only sale item! Off we went to Kohls and finally to Wal-Mart. We purchased our treasures and went to the grocery area to find a slab of ribs for dinner. He had told me countless times how he wanted to cook ribs for me so those went into the shopping basket as well. During our ride to and from the store we talked about quite a few things. He wasn't a man of many words but the words that fell from his lips were poignent and significant - making it remarkably easy for me to remember them all. Somehow we found ourselves on the subject of God and going to church. He told me that he felt and saw God in every part of his life and that he could talk to God anywhere. He related to me how some folk think if you don't go inside a church you were a sinner. He couldn't have disagreed more and neither could I. I turned in the passenger seat and looked at him carefully, then spoke. I told him that I agreed with him about that and that God knew our hearts better than anyone else in the world. I also told him that I believed God was interested in saving those in this world that are "safe to save". In other words, safe to live next door to. I asked him would he mind if I moved next door to him in heaven. I suppose anyone knowing him would fight me for that house. We talked about his children - especially of 'Miss' because I know her best. His love for her was so sweet and unconditional. His every thought whether in the store, riding in his truck or talking on the couch side by side always had her in the conversation. She was never far from his every thought, word or deed. She was so loved by her dad - what a comfort she has been for him through the years. He also talked to me about self-respect and how important it was for me to treasure my own. I digress and will keep the rest of this special conversation as my own.

I suddenly realize that my own words betray me as I come to the close of this letter. I can only say that Larry’s light was so bright, it’s hard to imagine the world without it. Surely, for us, those stories and adventures we have with him will forever burn brightly in our minds and in our hearts. Our memories of him will be the “light that never goes out”. We have be blessed.

The next time I see him will be in heaven. I look forward to that wonderful day when I will reunite with him because I know I will see him physically strong and young, with no suffering and no more pain.

I hope, I pray, I know he has found peace,

I'll keep a light on in the window...all my love,

Breyn Darkthorne