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[WAR Stratics] We Want Your Awesome Wrath of Heroes Plays

WAR Stratics

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Stratics Veteran
Ever do something amazing in Wrath of Heroes you want the world to see?
Make an epic escape to preserve your perk?
Survive a near certain death experience?
Perfectly time an ability or perk to save a teammate from death?
Or just overall do something completely awesome? Then we want to see it and show off your amazing plays.
A couple ground rules for this.
1. 720p or higher resolution. Lower than that and it’s often unpleasant to watch.
2. “OMG I hit Lord of Change and killed everyone. Isn’t that awesome?” No. It isn’t. Creative use of LoC is encouraged, but a clip of just killing everyone with a perk, no go. Have a tough fight to survive and get that perk done and then kill everyone with it, cool. Use a perk in an unusual way, cool.
3. If it even looks like you’re cheating, we have a direct line to Bioware Mythic to have it investigated. Yes, they will be able to find the game even with a slight amount of information. So don’t cheat.
4. Email us with the link to your creation to war at stratics dot com. Leave at least 30 seconds before and after the play to allow me to comment on it. If it’s a whole match you submit, give me a timestamp. I’m not going through the whole video.
5. Be a good sport. If there’s conduct that is less than sportsmanlike in the clip, it’s not getting used. On the flip side, just because you’re “that guy” in the clip who got owned, stay classy.
6. I won’t use any of the WAR Stratics team members’ stuff in these. Sorry guys. Gotta make it fair for everyone.
I want to publish the first episode by Friday June 29th, so give us your best stuff.

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