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[WAR Stratics] State of WAR Post Invasion

WAR Stratics

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Stratics Veteran
We returned from the Invasion of Bioware Mythic safely, physically that is. We’ll let you decide if we returned mentally safe. But even before our Invasion, there were already signs of battle. When we arrived, we were greeted by some new faces. Apparently the generals decided they needed more recruits for the upcoming melee. Yes, they briefly mourned the loss of a valued comrade, but they found another willing to take his place on the battlefield. A wise decision, given the magnitude of challengers to come. With challengers from Tyria, Arborea, and even from the future, they will need all the manpower they can get to stand strong.
Some of the troops need some additional training. Once they finish repairing some long standing holes in the walls, the next priority is bringing the troops up to snuff for the coming battles. They are currently reviewing the requests for additional training from the troops that were received while repairs were made to the walls. They don’t have time to fully retrain everybody for the enemy will be upon them long before they can finish that. They will be bringing the troops closer together in their capacities. Which troops need what training is still being discussed since we actually interrupted the day when that discussion was to take place. We will be watching for the training dispatches to come out, and relay information accordingly. Unfortunately, this means that other priorities to change how battles take place on the field have been pushed back again.
Some the battlefields of WAR have been more bare recently, particularly those where the less experienced troops tend to fight. Some of the troops have expressed a desire to stay within these areas, despite not being able to learn more and become stronger to fight in the biggest battles. This request has been passed up the chain of command and we expect a response to allow this as soon as battlefield conditions allow.
Like previous visits, we asked about lowering the burden of the troops fighting in the battlefields. We got the same answer as last time. It’s not in the plans right now. They want to see how the combatants in the smaller conflict do with lesser burden before lowering the burden of those in the larger conflict.
We also asked about the roster. We noticed several names on the roster of troops that are no longer active, MIA, or dead. We were advised that the roster is being purged mainly because it’s getting too long and it will assist in getting some reinforcements from the far north back to main battlefield. Also the roster was getting a bit heavy to carry around, so hopefully this will lighten some of the load. The roster from the far north needs to be combined with that of the rest of the forces before they can be brought together.
We also talked about the battles the took place at sea for a short time. Many hard fought battles took place on the boat, but we have not see on ship combat in quite some time. This is mainly because those who held the most interior room of the boat were nigh impossible to root out. Perhaps this was only because there was only one boat to fight upon. Bringing in additional ships to the battle should spread out the engagement area. A request for additional warships has been made to high command and we are awaiting approval. Unfortunately, we have no idea how it will take to make the decision, but we do anticipate its approval eventually.
The subject of revisiting other old battlefields came up, like those that took place in the capital cities. With supply lines for the primary sieges more strained that before, secondary skirmishes on the streets can keep more forces deployed on the front line. The idea was passed to high command and we await approval of the additional deployments.
Special concern was taken to the forces from Tyria. They expect to temporarily take some losses from these invaders, but also fully expect to be able to withstand the brunt of the assault. The forces from Tyria are trained in small scale combat, based around small squads. The forces of WAR are trained in larger scale combat, on a scale 5 times the Tyrian forces are trained to fight. The Tyrian invaders despite their training in smaller scale combat deploy very similar techniques in siege combat. Their forces are also not as specialized, so it remains to be seen if they can stand up under larger pressure.
Possibilities of a third side joining the WAR also came up, but were dismissed as unlikely. The armies involved in the WAR have already declared their allegiances and are largely unwilling to break them due to the consequences of being label as traitors.
Bioware Mythic is definitely preparing for WAR both in its own game and with other games. May this preparation be enough to withstand the coming assaults.
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