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[WAR Official News] WAR Celebrates Its 4th Anniversary!

WAR Stratics

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Stratics Veteran
From the Devs
2012 Sep 18 14:13 GMT
Four years ago today, Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning officially launched. Over the course of those four years, countless brave warriors have battled long and hard across the varied terrains and battlefields that make up the Old World. The tide of battle has shifted constantly and spread around the world giving credence to the adage, WAR is everywhere. From every corner of the globe people have joined together in defense of their realm and we salute those warriors, every one.

A heartfelt thanks to all of our players for helping us hit this momentous mark. To help celebrate the occasion, we will be enabling 10 days of bonus XP/RP starting today. Anyone can jump on and enjoy these bonuses and the fireworks that can be looted from the corpses of your foes!
As a special thank you to our 4 year veterans, we’ve added a new addition to our litany of veteran rewards: The Portable Mailbox!

The Portable Mailbox - Why run to a warcamp or the capital to check your mail? Now with this handy-dandy portable mailbox, veterans can plop down a mailbox whenever and wherever they need it!* Plus, you can make a game out of it! Anyone for defend the mailbox?

*One mailbox at a time, subject to item Cooldown and placement restrictions… all rights reserved… terms and conditions may apply and change over time… etc…

For those stalwart veterans, you will be able to receive this new gift when we release 1.4.7 at the end of the month. Plus, you might want to bring out those three-year rewards and get in the fall festive coloring!

As for plans past four years? We have our next patch, 1.4.7, teed up for the end of the month after the conclusion of the Wild Hunt. The highlights for this patch will be some changes to combat and careers in the form of crowd control. As well, we’re putting in the framework for a new Live Event, not bound by seasonal constraints, and able to spring up more often and unexpectedly. In fact, look for it to invade the servers soon after 1.4.7 premieres. Along with the perquisite bug fixes and tweaks, we are committed to continue in supporting our supporters. As well, future patches will continue to be built and developed with input from our players and we’ll do another ‘community patch’ soon!

Before we sign out, all of us here would once again like to thank all of you, fans and supporters of our game, for allowing us to be a part of your life and keeping this game going for four fun fantastic years.

See you on the battlefields!

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