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[WAR Official News] Live Event "Wild Hunt" Starts 09/13

WAR Stratics

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Stratics Veteran
2012 Sep 12 17:25 GMT
The Elven God of the Hunt has stalked the mortal lands since time immemorial. Year in and year out, the High Elves gather to honor Kurnous with a sacred hunt, where the best of the best try to prove themselves Master Hunters in the eyes of the greatest hunter of them all.
But with the war raging on, the practice has faltered ... and the God of the Hunt is angry. No longer do skillful mortals hunt to feed their families; instead, hardened soldiers scour the woods and meadows of all available game. No longer do hunters observe the sacred rites; they kill only to test their skills, and leave their prey to rot on the battlefields...
The God of the Hunt can brook no more! The hunter's moon has risen! The horn of Kurnous has sounded! Let those who honor the ancient traditions pay heed—and let all who slaughter with abandon tremble!
Live Event: The Wild Hunt

Under the Hunter's Moon

Groups of six players can test their mettle against the ultimate quarry in the instanced dungeon: The Hunter's Vale — the hunting grounds of the Spirit of Kurnous! But be warned, the sacred vine portals to The Hunter's Vale are located only in RvR battlefields, where the looming Ghostly Avatar of Kurnous curses all who incur his wrath. If the God of the Hunt lays his Beast Hex upon you, you may have only seconds to pass it on to someone else before his wrath transforms you ... and not for the better.
In addition, players who sight the fabled White Stag will be granted a special experience buff ("The Blessing of Kurnous"), and vie for the honor of slaying Kurnous's sacred deer.
The Hunter's Vale

The Wild Hunt opens up an instanced dungeon called the Hunter's Vale, where the Spirit of Kurnous waits to challenge would-be "master hunters" to the hunt of their lives! Accessed from the Elf RvR areas, this new zone is only available for the duration of The Wild Hunt Live Event, to six-player groups of all Ranks. And inside its twisting maze of forest paths, amid countless dangers borne of fang and claw and nature itself, players can accomplish Wild Hunt tasks and earn great rewards, such as the Fleet Stag Mantle — a sacred cloak that temporarily transforms he or she who wears it into a mighty stag and grants them the ability to travel at the same speed as a mount!
  • Starts: September 13, 2012
  • Ends: September 26, 2012

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