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[WAR Official News] Live Event "Return to Ekrund"

WAR Stratics

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Stratics Veteran
2013 Feb 11 13:34 GMT
In ages past, one of the lost families of Dwarfs held the secret to controlling weapons of immense power. When they fell from favor, and their names were struck from the histories of the Dwarfs, they took the secret of this power to their graves.

The Age of Reckoning, however, unearths age old secrets best left to the sands of time.

A Dwarf explorer recently stumbled upon an abandoned stronghold of one of those who never existed. As he recoiled in loathing, a ruddy glow caught his eye. An ancient tome, bound between plates of red gold, told of legendary weapons of great power. Their locations detailed, but with warnings that so great was their power, that only those bearing a very specific rune of protection were able to safely handle them.

The location of such runes had been documented as well. The blood stained fields of Mount Bloodhorn were about to get a lot more bloody.

Live Event: Return To Ekrund

A Stronghold Saga - Part 1

This is Part 1 of “A Stronghold Saga.” As each part of the Saga becomes active, all preceding parts will remain active as well. This will allow any new comers to experience the full story from the beginning.

A Return to Tier 1

Heralds in the capitol city and Tier 1 Empire/Chaos warcamps are offering everyone safe passage to the warcamps in Ekrund and Mount Bloodhorn – even for trial account holders! Accepting their quest to Return to Ekrund will net you a Journeyman’s Elixir, which you can use to instantly level your character to Career Rank 15 / Realm Rank 10!
High leveled characters are able to participate as well, with their levels being automatically adjusted down, based on their current Renown Rank.

Clues and Bloodshed

Your hunt for clues will take you throughout the Ekrund and Mount Bloodhorn RvR areas, as well as into the contested PQ, Kron Komar Gap. You can pry clues from the walls of buildings, or pilfer them from the corpses of those you best in combat. As you return stacks of clues, additional pieces of the puzzle are reviled to you. Can you figure out where the legendary artifacts could be located before the enemy does?

  • Starts: January 21st, 2013
  • Ends: ?
For a more details regarding the event, please check out the live event page.

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