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Want to make unlimited amounts of gold... Honestly?


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The Red & Purple Mini Mall is looking for NEW vendors selling any variety of goods. Out with the old, in with the new. The new vendor search system is a wonderful thing, however there is a big difference between setting up shop in the middle of no place and going with a traditional vendor mall with an established history. >>> FREE vendor space, costs 1 vendor rental contract, per.

- The R&PMM was first established September 2001 in Trammel Atlantic, in a castle mall between Britain and Cove. 17 YEARS of operation on the Atlantic shard. Always in Trammel.

- When the R&PMM became its own power not long after just South-West of the Desert of Compassion in a small marble shop, brimming with 37 vendors on all 3 levels. The theme of dressing vendors in “red” OR “purple” soon established a professional look and well stocked vendors without any kind of loyalty demands, allowed ANYONE to place vendors. No guild requirements. No fees. This was almost unheard of at the time.

- When a new vendor limitation was introduced to the UO community, this killed small and tightly packed community malls such as ours so we were forced to relocate to the current location.

- Located on the outskirts of Yew, at the first clearing North-East of the Yew Cemetery, an easy run North-West to the public moongate.

- Current visitor count is over 100,000 visitors.

- The R&PMM is part of a 6-building officially recognized town. “The Red & Purple Pixies of the Yew Wood”.

- 1, The R&PMM itself. 2, The Imperial Palace and Dungeon Museum. 3, The First Church of Candy. 4, The R&P Savings & Loan. 5, R&P Plant Shop & Garden Center. 6, Drunken Pixie Pub and Teleporter Hub (in progress).

Mall features:
*Main level - Vendors. Forge and anvil for repairs.
*Second Level - Small rune library that includes locations of most shops of all Tram towns along with new lands, dungeons, and other points of interest. All available dye tubs, made public, with dyes. A stack of lockpick practice boxes. City access via Crystal Portal. Dungeon access via Corrupted Crystal Portal. A Serpents Jawbone... allowing access to any dungeon in Ilshenar. Teleporter to the Goodman Teleporter Hub.
*Third level - Rooftop garden, full of all kinds of plants and trees. Some extremely rare things from the destruction of Magincia.

Placing Requirements? Dress your vendor nice, with either “red” OR “purple” in their outfit. Both is NOT a requirement! A nice dressed vendor attracts attention. A poor dressed vendor or poorly stocked, will risk being expelled. No costs, no fuss!

In 17 years time... most vet players have visited or known the Red & Purple. This is traditional vendor malls at it's best. Once people search out and find a single thing, they are far more likely to check out all the other vendors in the general area. Call this “safety in numbers”. Laggy Luna is simply a disorganized mess. Packing as many vendors in to a limited space as possible, then decorating these malls with all the event rares handed out over the last few years, it looks far more like a toybox exploded. Not a mall. The Red & Purple may be a little messy... but it's the kind of messy you get after so many years of playing hard and wanting to share with others. Need help or advice? We can help!

Easy paths to get to the R&PMM without a rune?

- Go to the Goodman’s Teleporter Hub in the Tokuno Islands, just around the Makoto Jima moongate.
- Just outside the South gate of Luna, along the line of official town teleporters.
- Vendor Search “Red & Purple Mini Mall”, when goods are on offer with the description on sale.
- Go to the Yew Tram Moongate and simply run down as the crow flies.
- Ask a friend! Easy enough.

No spawn! 100% safe, always! No getting lost in the crowd. No lag. No fly-by-night!

Some updates:

The Plant Shop & Garden Center... will be reopening soon, however some things are for sale currently. New plants are growing!

The Drunken Pixie Pub & Teleporter Hub... being redecorated AND accepting port partners who wish to form a link between active community public buildings. Malls, other Hubs... libraries. Currently, we have a link at the Goodman Hub. An in-house porter will go directly to the Mini Mall Library (level 2). PM me direct.

NEW vendor have joined the Red & Purple Mini Mall in the last 2 weeks along with many vendors being restocked. Old abandoned vendors are being cut so loads of open spots are ready to go.

* IF you do have an old vendor in the Mini Mall, please make sure to touch bases with me as soon as possible. If you vendor is loaded or unloaded, current communicatees ARE key! :cool:

So! Thanks for reading. Enjoy our wonderful Atlantic Shard and play with Honor!