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General Voting Stones


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This is problay already known, or atleast a gm claimed you all are trying to work on a fix, but I figure I post anyway.
The town election stones, seems when more than one person clicks on them at a time and opens candiate window, it locks the stone and no one can see results or be able to vote. Atleast that is what I gather from what is causing it.
Most of the atlantic stones don't work currently, and New Magicinia is the worse of them all. I have heard from someone a gm wasn't able to free it. Yew is locked currently, not sure about the rest.


Also side note, someone should unlock some of the doors in the yew prison, or walls rather. They been sealed up since the free ricardo event or something and the entrance to the lost lands via the light house has been lost to people if they do not have a rune. There is two floors to the prison, just open up the doors and walls on the bottom for newer or returning players be able to access the areas easier.
I am unaware if they are sealed on all shards or just atlantic.
If you do this, please let the em's know to move stuff from events to the upper floor of the prison.