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Void demons



Farmer Nash's field near Tomb of Kings. They are one of the spawn that pops when you do the quest.


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Stratics Legend
where do i find void demons?
Those oily looking monsters with strange names are void monsters. :)

From pub 60:

Void Plague

· An invasion of Ter Mur by creatures from the Void

· Creatures begin as small, slime-like manifestations called “Korpre” and can evolve into different void monsters based on their interactions with the environment

· A Korpre can either kill another mob, survive for a set period of time, or group together with other Korpre in order to evolve

· Evolution can create “Ortanord” void monsters as a byproduct

Killing Path

· Betballem

· Ballem

· Usagralem Ballem (mini-boss)

Grouping Path

· Anlozen

· Anlorlem

· Anlorvaglem (mini-boss)

Survival Path

· Anzuanord

· Relanord

· Vasanord (mini-boss)


Interesting...I ran into an Anlorvaglem in one of my usual hunting spots yesterday and wondered how it got there. Now I know. Not super-hard, but not a cakewalk either.


Note that the wisp version, Ortanord, is NOT a void demon. They're non-agressive and have no loot. I have no idea what their purpose is.


You can't use Ortanord's to train Throwing, either. My Gargoyle has 55.3 throwing skill and after fighting one for 15 minutes, it was still 55.3. I was using a really nice exceptional soul glaive, Divine Fury, and Consecrate Weapon, and I couldn't even kill the darn thing. It's spells weren't really a problem, except that it would keep healing itself when it got down to 40% health. I wasn't able to do enough damage to overcome it's healing. :(

But it's nice to know it's not a void daemon. What chance does a 55.x thrower have against any of the VDs?


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Were you in melee with it? If so, your HCI penalties might have too extreme to hit it. With throwing you need to keep at the optimal distance from the target.


No, not melee. I was keeping 2-5 paces from it. But the combination of my miss rate at 55 throwing skill and it's healing of self worked together to prevent me from ever killing it.

And, yes, at 55 skill you can kill normal void daemons that wander the forest NW of Ter Mur.
Help!!!!!! Ballem Has killed me. Several times in physical melee. Armor ignore executed. Magic reflect weaken mana drain. Paladan heal then explosive bombs. Honor Lich was then killed in his lava location. Rune charge shroud. Blazen plate leggings. What would do physical resist, toxic wall and blade spirits to Ballem. Then when almost slain Ballem reverse status and every red status goes on avatar until cure all. Ballem Doesn’t die from every attempt and took over gargoyle city. Has slain several guards and a shop keeps and bank teller. My horse is stabled so I can excape to Chaos. Stone harpy and first dragon resurrect and kill party.
Yet Mur has serious demonic possessions. Bell I’m is in the south west cooridor. Across the bridge several raports perform heinous attack numbers with chars that have blaze of death holy pendant and vampire robe they are a hard match. Further in after loading to bellum and necessitating regents. Evasion and confidence boost the negative status effects. Close wounds is the best heal for here. Teleporting to justice as a resurect follows a path. Justice avoid the Imp and water elemental. Recharge in haven to have guild professionals prior to trammel. Using an Israel will fulfill mocking fast cast protect and use fireball to maneuver to valor. In valor the elder gaz r has left however scroll further right and a queen and a red dragon are in its place. Taking and discordance offering a little less security run further t kitchen and transport back to get mur. There is a red gargoyle conjuring apes so that is the most powerful void creature yet. All surrounding creature need back up and lots of lighting. Slowest no down and right bellum shows that after you beat it the status of you chara is in shambles. Rebuild anl the resist spells and mana replenish. Defeating bellum mean only one thing it resurrects it self into a gargoyle void bad guy call ortbellum or something of that sort. He’s huge and more powerful that bellum I death is right away. Teleporting to justice again will show a really aggressive snake that inflicts poison death. The wyren is a bit more friendly here then teleporting to chaos reversals the stone harpy do not attack right away. In chaos the dragons are turned away so there is only a pitfal from going around the dungeon by powerful warlock gargoyles paragon harpies and another azuzel sized beast. Not getting a good look run to tomb of kings or any of the dungeons from Ter Mur and the most advanced bad guys appear to call on to your chara. A really good knight will figure to have ninjitsui or a necropsy spell book to cast against a group. From there back into town let’s say Britain there will be orcs attacking sheepishly. Slay 5 or so and they will go besets and the rush is undefeatable. Earth elemental dare also lurking will a group of about 8 or so gargoyles with gargoyle overseerers. The quest for Ter Mur is defiantly fine tuned for champions.