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Part One: The World of Darkness Common Knowledge

All characters are taught either by their Sire, a Mentor, or nightly unlife on the streets a little bit about the history, structure, and politics of Vampires in the World of Darkness. Further
knowledge can be gained through the secondary abilities of Kindred Lore or Clan knowledge (specific for each clan, or bloodline the knowledge pertains to). The following represents a
general knowledge that most Kindred can be assumed to posses regarding their kind.

Innate Abilities: Vampires have the ability to grow (drop) their fangs out to puncture their victims while hunting or in combat. They have the ability to use the blood in their systems to
increase their strength, dexterity, and stamina. They can also use the blood in their system to heal damage done to them.

Strengths: Vampires do not age, suffer from diseases (though they can carry and pass them on), or suffer from other mortal ailments. They only take half damage from crushing type wounds
(i.e. fists, or falling). They do however; take full damage from slashing and piercing wounds (i.e. knives, swords, or stake).

Weaknesses: Vampires take extra damage from fire, sunlight, and the claws or fangs of other supernatural creatures. A stake through the heart will not kill but will paralyze a vampire.
When dawn approaches a vampire becomes weekend. When the sun is up they are almost powerless and almost always asleep. It is during this period that the vampire’s body maintains
itself and forces it back to the condition it was in the night it was embraced. Thus a hair cut or altered, scars, tattoos, and many other temporary effects will disappear by nightfall the next
evening. A vampire’s body requires the use of blood to maintain itself. Every night, the vampire’s body spends a small amount (1 blood point) to achieve this. If the body is empty of
blood it begins to deteriorate. If this deterioration goes too far the vampire will enter a coma like state called Torpor.

Torpor: Occasionally a vampire will take a huge amount of damage and go into this state. This state, as already mentioned, can also be brought about by lack of blood or voluntarily if the
vampire wishes to remove themselves from the world for a time. Basically this is a form of hibernation that a vampire enters. If the vampire enters torpor voluntarily they can chose when
they will awaken (to within an hour). If a vampire is forced into this stated because of massive trauma or lack of blood there is no way to know how long they will stay that way.

Blood: The blood of a vampire is very potent. If it is ingested by a mortal creature (not just human), they become ghouls. Ghouled creatures are still living but gain some of the strengths of
vampires such as slowed aging, able to heal wounds as a vampire, and increased strength. If any creature drinks the blood of a single vampire on three separate occasions they will become a willing slave of the vampire they drank from, this is known as a Blood Bond. If a vampire completely drains a human (and some other creatures) of blood and then feeds them a small
amount of their own blood they will turn the victim into a vampire, this is called the Embrace.

Diablerie: The greatest crime among the kindred. This is where one vampire not only drinks all of the blood of another vampire but goes so far as to drain the victim’s very essence and soul
absorbing it. This act destroys the soul of the victim and gives the aggressor power.

Disciplines: Vampires are capable of supernatural powers called Disciplines. These Disciplines are often fueled by the blood of the vampire. There are many disciplines, and most can be
learned by any vampire (though some require a teacher). Some disciplines are closely held Clan secrets.

The following are a list of commonly known disciplines though what each does at a given level
is unknown short of a secondary ability or possessing the sufficient rank in the discipline itself.

Anamalism (animal control), Auspex (supernatural sense), Celerity (supernatural speed),
Dominate (mind control), Fortitude (supernatural resistance to damage), Necromancy
(control of the dead), Obfuscate (stealth and disguise), Presence (emotion control),
Protean (shape changing), Serpintis (snake magic), Thaumaturgy (Vampire magic
capable of theoretically anything), Quietus (assassination)


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Stratics Legend
Generation: Cain (son of Adam and Eve) was the first vampire and is considered the first
generation. He is the only first generation vampire to ever exist. Each vampire counts their
Generation by how far removed they are from Cain (with Cain being 1). The closer to Cain a
vampire is, the more powerful they are. For instance a 5th generation vampire is closer to Cain
and more powerful then a 12th generation vampire. One might say he is of higher generation.

The following is a breakdown of the generations of vampires:

1st Generation Cain the origin of vampires

2nd Generation The direct children of Cain all of which have meet final death.

3rd Generation The Antediluvians. These are the founders of the 13 Clans all of which are dead or in Torpor.

4th & 5th Generation The Methuselah. These are the most powerful of active vampires most of which are 1,000 years or more old.

6th, 7th, & 8th Generation The Elders most of whom are a few centuries of age or older. The rank of Elder must be earned through long experience and gathering power.

9th to 13th Generation Younger vampires who make up the bulk of the kindred population. Most Ancillae and Neonates come from these generations.

14th & 15th Generation The Thin-bloods most of whom are incredibly weak and not even able to embrace childer. These vampires are usually less then 15 years old and a treated as second class citizens (often below that of ghouls) in kindred society.


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Vampire Clan Assamite

Vampires are the killers in the night, and none moreso than the Assamites, slayers of both Kindred and kine. Called in regularly by the world's Justicars as archons and by princes as assassins, no clan is more feared by the Kindred. Secretive and taciturn, Assamites will travel anywhere in search of their targets, accepting as payment the blood of their employers.

While Assamites spend much of their time in the same solitary pursuits as other Kindred, they are best known for their skills as hired killers. In exchange for using their unique talents against the enemies of princes and anarchs alike, Assamites demand a portion of their employers' vitae They do not accept every petition for aid, but once they have accepted a "contract," they consider themselves honor bound to carry out the exact word of the agreement.

The clan was founded more than a millennium ago in the hinterlands of the Turkish mountains, and has always fiercely protected its privacy. Assamites are fundamentalists of a bizarre brand, practicing a faith that is a mixture of many Middle Eastern religions and Kindred mythology. They believe that the only way for vampires to reach heaven is to become closer to Caine - and the only means of doing this is to lower one's generation.

For much of the clan's early history the Assamites engaged in diablerie, seeking always to bring themselves closer to "the One." They became the most feared killers among the Kindred. Assamite leg end claims the clan founder slew two of the second-generation Cainites by his own hand.

Unfortunately for the clan, it is no longer possible for Assamites to engage in diablerie. During the late Middle Ages (during the period of the Sabbat uprising"), the Assamites found it easy to hunt their prey. So many elders were killed that the Camarilla declared a Blood Hunt against the entire Assamite clan. After a period of seven years, Alamut, the clan's ancient fortress sanctuary, was close to being discovered. For the first time in its history the clan sued for peace, and negotiated a complicated treaty.

The Assamites agreed never again to hunt other Kindred for their blood and, in exchange, the Blood Hunt against them was called off. The clan was forced to allow the Tremere Council of Seven to cast a great ritual upon all its members. This ritual made it impossible for Assamites to drink the blood of other Kindred (see Weaknesses, below).

However, the Assamites managed to adapt some of the most ancient rites of their clan into an approximation of diablerie. The blood they take as pay from those who hire them is collected and then used in a ritual of creation. When the clan holds its five-year gatherings at Alamut, its members are able to brew potions using the blood thus collected. These potions can reduce the effective generation of a clan member.

Any Assamite hoping to reduce her generation must gather 200 Blood Points from non-Assamite vampires of equal or lower generation for the potion to be effective - it usually takes decades to gather that much blood. Each Assamite gives her sire a tenth of the blood she gathers.

While not Blood Bound or Dominated into following clan traditions, individual Assamites are usually fanatically loyal to the clan. Should anyone try to cheat an Assamite, or attack her under circumstances other than an assassination attempt, the weight of the entire clan will crash upon the offender's head.

Should an assassin be killed by a target, however, the clan will take no additional revenge. Its members will not accept any other contracts for that person's head, and will even honor her when they are given a chance.

Once a contract has been accepted, the assassin will not stop trying to fulfill it until the target is dead or the Assamite has proof that the employer violated her trust (told her a vampire was ninth generation when he was sixth, or neglected to mention that the target was protected by a pack of Lupines).

Clan Disciplines: Celerity, Obfuscate, Quietus

must have gm stealth/hide otherwise all classes


Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
Vampire Clan Lasombra

Lasombra: The Lasombra clan has fallen from grace - and its members enjoy it. Simultaneously graceful and predatory, the Lasombra guide - and, when necessary, whip - the Sabbat into an implacable force. Turning their backs upon the humans they once were, Lasombra give themselves wholly over to the dark majesty of the Embrace. Murder, frenzy, predation: Why fear these things, many Lasombra ask, if one is meant to be a vampire? In contrast to the Tzimisce, though, Lasombra generally seek not to reject all things mortal, but to shape them for their own pleasure.
The Lasombra have been involved with the Church since its inception, and some Kindred whisper that the clan was instrumental in the spread of the Christian faith. In modern nights, however, Lasombra have turned their backs on that divine institution. There are exceptions, of course, but for the most part, Clan Lasombra bears only contempt for the notion of salvation. In fact, the Lasombra brought many of the Church's rites and rituals into the Sabbat sect, twisting them into mockeries of Christian doctrine. The Lasombra ordained many of the sect's auctoritas and ignoblis ritae, so that the vampires of the Sabbat might never forget who and what they are.

Lasombra are best known for their Discipline of Obtenebration, a means by which they call forth a tangible "living" darkness, manipulating it at their whim. Clan doctrine holds that this "darkness" is in fact the stuff of the vampiric soul, which has been simultaneously strengthened and corrupted by the Embrace. Through the Curse of Caine, some Lasombra believe, God has cast them out, and thus it is their duty to build a new order on Earth via the Sabbat. More scientific Lasombra scoff at this superstition, but even they tend to believe that, as vampires, they represent a new and more advanced breed of sentience, one unconcerned with petty human notions of ethics. Let the milksops of Clan Ventrue burn in the solar fires of martyrdom; the Lasombra are happy with what they are.

Naturally, this villainous outlook is not universal among the clan, but many newly Embraced Sabbat Lasombra take great glee in the wanton destruction and vulgar depravity that such a philosophy allows. In striking contrast, some elder Lasombra still maintain their ties to the Church, though even they seem to consider themselves "tools of the Devil." The two groups do see eye to eye on one matter: Members of Clan Lasombra, as consummate manipulators themselves, adamantly refuse to submit to the antiquated whims of the Antediluvians. They fight the Jyhad proudly, but unlike many Kindred, they firmly believe they can win.

The typical Lasombra possesses a gift for manipulation, as well as keen leadership skills. Lasombra are the most common leaders of Sabbat packs, as their motivational and Machiavellian natures make them ideal for orchestrating the movements of the sect. Unfortunately, pride goes hand in hand with this dark nobility, and very few Lasombra acknowledge other vampires as equal, let alone superior.

Clan Disciplines: Dominate, Obtenebration, Potence

Mainly mage classes (can be some exceptions must ask Leader)


Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
Vampire Clan Tremere

Clan Tremere: Even among vampires, the insular Clan Tremere bears a reputation for treachery. This reputation is well earned; the Tremere were formerly a cabal of human wizards who, hungering for immortal life, wrested the secrets of vampirism from unwilling Kindred. Such vile deeds earned the clan a sinister reputation; even today, certain vampire clans would love nothing better than to destroy the entire Tremere line.

Nonetheless, Clan Tremere holds a place in the Camarilla, for its members were instrumental in suppressing the Inquisition and supporting the Masquerade. Then, too, the Tremere have proved themselves dangerous enemies - and powerful allies. Tremere still practice a version of the arcane arts they studied in life, and so these "warlocks" use their sorcerous powers in service to the Camarillaalmost as much as they use the Camarilla in service to themselves.

Discipliner: Auspex, Dominate, Thaumaturgy

Must be GM in at least two casting classes


Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
Vampire Clan Toreador

Clan Toreador: The Toreador are called many things - "degenerates," "artistes," "poseurs" and "hedonists" being but a few. But any such lumpen categorization does the clan a disservice. Depending on the individual and her mood, Toreador are alternately elegant and flamboyant, brilliant and ludicrous, visionary and dissipated. Perhaps the only truism that can be applied to the clan is its members aesthetic zeal. Whatever a Toreador does, she does with passion. Whatever a Toreador is, she is with passion.To the Toreador, eternal life is to be savored.

Many Toreador were artists, musicians or poets in life; many more have spent frustrating centuries producing laughable attempts at art, music or poetry Toreador tout themselves as cultivators of all that is best about humanity.. Occasionally, a particularly gifted or inspired creator is Embraced into the clan, to preserve her talent for eternity. In this manner, Clan Toreador has inducted some of humanity's greatest artists, poets and musicians into its ranks; -of course, if one thing can be said about the Toreador, it is that no two of them agree on precisely what "gifted" or "inspired" means.

Of all clans, Toreador are the vampires most connected to the mortal world. While other vam pires view the kine as pawns or simple sustenance, T oreador glide gracefully and effortlessly through the society of the Canaille, sampling the delights of each age as a gourmand savors rare delicacies. Toreador are the Kindred most likely to fall in love with mortals, and they surround themselves with the best, most elegant and most luxurious things - and people - that the world has to offer. It is, thus, acutely tragic when a Toreador succumbs to ennui and discards aesthetic pursuits in favor of pointless hedonism. Such Kindred become decadent sybarites, concerned only with indulging personal whims and vices.

Clan Disciplines: Auspex, Celerity, Presence

Mainly casting classes (can have exceptions ask leader)